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The transformation is upon us

Digital transformation is on everyone’s lips in 2016. It was, for example, the theme of the annual conferences of the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise and the World Economic Forum. In Sweden, there is currently a debate about how well-equipped the country’s businesses and industries are for the transformation. Jacob Wallenberg has expressed concern that Swedish industry might be left behind in the race for digitalisation.

Bjørn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY


At EVRY we are naturally passionately committed to the digital transformation, and as a supplier are highly affected by it. In 2015 we made sizeable changes to our infrastructure business. Firstly, we opened a data centre outside Oslo that has world-class technological and environmental solutions.  Then on 1 October we announced a joint commitment to infrastructure and cloud services with IBM. The aim of this was to ensure we are adapted to the market’s increasing demand for hybrid cloud solutions and scalability. EVRY is committed to being a partner with a strong local footprint and excellent market knowledge, but at the same time we need to offer scalable solutions based on global standards. Our partnership with IBM has been designed to allow us to offer both of these things, and to be able to weave together hybrid cloud solutions that are suited to each individual customer. Flexibility and scalability are the be-all and end-all for digital business models, and our offering has to be competitive relative to all criteria and every competitor.

Our passion means we have a burning desire to understand our local market, our customers and their thoughts on developing new and digital business models. This survey is something of a temperature gauge of where Norwegian and Swedish companies stand, the relationship they have with digital transformation, the opportunities and threats they perceive, and how well prepared they think they are.

I will let the results speak for themselves, but I think the change will perhaps be larger and will have a greater impact than many people believe. I am particularly keen not to underestimate the impact of separate industries joining together, examples of which are being seen more and more often. We are seeing global online shops expand into an increasing number of areas, but we are also seeing local firms doing this. In Norway, one example we have seen is an online electronics retailer that now also offers general financing services and insurance, which are in no way connected to the goods they are selling online. I think we have only seen the start.

Digital transformation starts by understanding digital customers and their preferences. The whole value chain then has to be seen in relation to these insights. At EVRY we had to make sizeable changes as we grasped what it is that our customers will want tomorrow, and I think that this is an exercise that all businesses should carry out.

I hope our survey on digital transformation helps you to reflect on where your business currently stands, and if you would like to discuss the challenges and opportunities of digitalisation you are obviously more than welcome to get in touch with us. We will only succeed if we give our customers a digital advantage – this is consequently our strategic approach in these rapidly changing times.


Best regards

Björn Ivroth



Download the EVRY Digital Transformation Survey here.

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