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Speed-dating at EVRY for digital talents

The response to EVRY’s job campaign “100 digital talents” was great. Of the 460 applications received, about 100 eager and excited candidates met up to career-based “speed-dating” or Assessment Day” at EVRY Fornebu 19-20 April.


 Mingling and discussions around the coffee tables was the order of "Assessment Day".

“This is the first time we try this hiring method, and it was very successful,” comments chief consultant Bente Kristiansen in EVRY HR. “It was great to meet so many motivated and well-qualified candidates. It is apparent that EVRY is an attractive employer. The process was an effective way to find the best qualified candidates and to see if there was chemistry between the candidates and the interviewers. It was also really fun!”

EVRY received over 460 applications for the positions announced in March/April for the 100 digital talents.

 Assessment day is the second stage in EVRY’s hiring process. The candidates that were invited to the assessment day had already undergone a selection process that consisted of a video interview and gamification, which meant that all the chosen candidates were considered to be “EVRY Certified” and met EVRY’s basic criteria. The candidates had 15 minutes to present themselves for eight interviewers. In addition, the candidates were free to socialize with the other candidates and EVRY employees while they waited. 

The next step in the process will be in-depth interviews with the selected candidates.

“An advantage to a “speed dating” process is that the overall process is more efficient and saves time. This is because we meet so many candidates over a short amount of time,” says Bente Kristiansen. “It also seemed like the candidates really enjoyed the somewhat unusual approach. It seemed safe to first meet up in a casual setting with a relatively high number of other candidates, as well as several EVRY employees before the actual interview. We received good feedback on the process.” 

Several EVRY employees also sat down and had coffee with the candidates, who then had the opportunity to casually ask questions about how it was like to work in EVRY, as well as any other questions they might have. In particular, many candidates were interested to hear more about the working environment. 

The overall process was effective and gave results. The interviewers from EVRY were very happy with the quality of the candidates, who come from all over the country and with a wide variety of backgrounds and education.

“Employing 100 digital talents is an important decision to ensure that EVRY will continue to be a leading environment in digitization within the Nordic region,” comments Bente Kristiansen. “EVRY is growing and has room for competent people, so we will likely repeat this process soon.”

Candidates got to speak to recruiters as well as other EVRY people at the speed dating day.



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