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Meeting clients with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence will now help EVRY respond to the more than 50,000 enquiries that its customer service centre receives each month, according to an article in Finansavisen on 12 June 2017. With the help of IBM’s Watson, EVRY’s aim is to develop a proactive customer service centre than can solve customers’ problems before they are even aware of them! EVRY will also offer proactive customer service centres as a service in the Norwegian market.


“In the latest customer satisfaction survey carried out by PA Consulting Group and the analysis company Whitelane, EVRY moved up nine places, putting it ahead of competitors such as Tieto and Wipro”, Finansavisen writes. “The problems that can be solved are everything from simple password enquiries and email problems to more complicated IT infrastructure challenges”.

According to analysis from Gartner, 25% of all customer enquiries will be integrated with virtual customer support technology or chatbots by 2020, and automation and artificial intelligence will reduce the amount of work associated with centralised tasks by 65%.

Based on EVRY’s own solution incorporating cognitive technology, the company also wants to offer customer service centres as a free-standing service. “We are initially looking at the finance industry and the public sector, as these are areas where we can see that there are big savings to be made in relation to contact with the public”, says Robert Darre-Nilsen, SVP Managed Services, EVRY.

“Another benefit is that this new technology enables first-line support to process more of the tasks that are assigned to it, and also to resolve more demanding tasks”, comments Odd Kristian Lambersøy, who is in charge of EVRY’s Norwegian customer service centre. “For example, the system will be able to continuously scan thousands of data points from its customers and to identify patterns that can signal adverse events. Over the long term, we will have a proactive customer service centre that will be able to resolve customers’ problems before they become aware of them”, he adds.

Watson currently uses text, but in time it will also be able to use spoken Norwegian, making it just like a human operator.