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Good communication between people is the key to efficient IT development

Flow Centred Development is a revolutionary method created to transform business requirements into IT solutions. Our white paper explains how the method focuses on - and considerably improves - the communication between the people involved in an IT project.

During the last 20 years we have implemented increasingly complex IT solutions. We have moved from the waterfall approach to agile methods. What we have found is that most of the time spent on projects was used to understand what to build and what to verify through communication with other people. In comparison, the time spent on coding was limited.

Right now, we are entering a new era of complicated digital ecosystems - with high demands on time-to-market. To be able to efficiently make distinct definitions of new IT solutions will be vital for success. Our white paper explains what Flow Centred Development is - and the benefits of using it.

Download the white paper on Flow Centred Development

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