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EVRY tops prestigious list of environmentally friendly companies

(Oslo, 4 November 2016) The international environmental organisation CDP has awarded EVRY the top spot in Norway in a comprehensive report. EVRY’s systematic efforts and its investment in a new world-class data centre have helped it to halve its greenhouse gas emissions.


In order to have its environmental work internationally benchmarked, EVRY is assessed in accordance with CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project) international environmental standard. In the 2016 assessment EVRY received an A rating, making it the only company in Norway to achieve what is the highest possible score. Eight Norwegian companies were rated A-, while 12 companies were rated B and 6 companies C.

EVRY has integrated its environmental efforts into a unified system and has introduced policies designed to ensure environmental solutions are used in all relevant areas. The most important measures it has taken include investing in a new and environmentally friendly world-class data centre in Fet outside Oslo, consolidating its old data centres, and carefully managing the waste it generates, not least electronic equipment such as mobile telephones, PCs and other hardware. Another area that has had a big impact is improving its facilities for holding meetings electronically.

This is the Norwegian CDP Top Ten list: 







Telenor Group


Rema 1000




Marine Harvest Group


Norwegian Property









The results of EVRY’s efforts are that its annual emissions have decreased from 12,500 metric tonnes of CO2 in 2012 to their current level of 6,000 metric tonnes, meaning the company’s emissions have halved. EVRY now satisfies the international climate target of 1.5oC set in the Paris Agreement.

“The fact that EVRY now satisfies the international climate target from the Paris Agreement is an important milestone for our environmental efforts. Being the only company in Norway to be included on CDP’s exclusive Climate A List is testament to our work on environmental issues. It proves that EVRY is in the top division globally for achieving real and lasting reductions in the emissions generated by its activities. At the same time, we need to continue our systematic efforts on environmental issues and to make sure we are always adopting new environmentally friendly technology to ensure EVRY remains a world-class company in environmental terms”, says Arve Aasmundseth, Group HSE Officer.

EVRY expects to see its CO2 emissions decrease by a further 30% from their current level as a result of environmental measures it already has planned.

From the Paris Agreement to commercial strategy
CDP (the Carbon Disclosure Project) is a global environmental organisation that evaluates companies’ efforts to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions. The evaluation criteria include not only companies’ actual emissions, but also the extent of the environmental measures they take and their ability to measure and manage their emissions from year to year.

CDP is funded by 827 large investor organisations with total assets under management of USD 100 trillion. The investors in question put pressure on companies around the world to take environmental issues seriously and to work systematically to ensure they grow sustainably. One of CDP’s partners is the Norwegian insurance company KLP Forsikring.

CDP describes what receiving a high score in this report means as follows “A high score signals that a company is measuring, verifying and managing its carbon emissions, for example by setting and meeting emission reduction targets and implementing programs to reduce emissions in both its direct operations and its supply chain.”

Contact persons:
Arve Aasmundseth, Group HSE Officer, tel. +47 95150390
Geir Remman, VP Corporate Communications EVRY, tel. +47 97055017

About EVRY
EVRY is one of the leading IT companies in the Nordic countries, with a strong local and regional presence in 50 Nordic towns and cities. Through its knowledge, solutions and technology, EVRY contributes to the development of the information society of the future, and so creates value for the benefit of its customers and for society as a whole. EVRY combines in-depth industry knowledge and technological expertise with a local delivery model and international strength.

EVRY has some 9,000 employees, and the company is committed to demonstrating that Nordic customers are best served by a supplier that understands Nordic business from the inside. EVRY has annual turnover of almost NOK 13 billion. The company operates from headquarters in Fornebu in Bærum, with major activities in both the Norwegian and Swedish markets.

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