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EVRY launches cloud services with global reach from Norway

EVRY is launching new, innovative cloud solutions based on IBM SoftLayer that offer global capacity and secure data storage in Norway. This concept is completely unique, enables businesses to be more competitive and flexible, and gives them the chance to accelerate their digital transformation without compromising on security.

It is almost a year since EVRY and IBM entered into a strategic partnership. EVRY is accelerating its ongoing modernisation of its infrastructure services and is investing significantly in both technology and expertise in order to provide its customers with the best market-leading cloud solutions.

The official opening of SoftLayer, which is being organised by IBM, takes place this week with Norway’s Minister of Local Government and Modernisation Jan Tore Sanner, SVP Robert LeBlanc from IBM, and CEO Björn Ivroth from EVRY as keynote speakers.

As part of this transformation, EVRY is investing more than NOK 500 million to develop the best cloud-based infrastructure solutions in the Nordics. EVRY’s customers will for the first time be able to access hybrid cloud computing solutions built on IBM’s SoftLayer platform, which has now been installed in EVRY’s data centre in Fet outside Oslo. EVRY’s customers will also benefit from a flexible infrastructure, enabling them to be more agile in their digitalisation efforts.

“EVRY’s ambition is to be a market-leader in the Nordic region, and a market-leading infrastructure is absolutely essential if we are to achieve this target. We selected IBM as a global service provider and its delivery model as the basis for our infrastructure business. What this means for our customers is a quicker time-to-market for new cloud services and leading infrastructure platforms. This strategic step is enabling EVRY to be a more customer-focused organisation that primarily delivers value-adding services and solutions that are built on leading technology”, comments Björn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY.

“Our partnership demonstrates how IBM’s expertise, technology and services can help EVRY to adapt to new market conditions and opportunities. It also gives EVRY a flexible and scalable infrastructure to support its ongoing operations”, comments Martin Jetter, Senior Vice President, IBM Global Technology Services.

Public and private cloud solutions

EVRY’s customers can choose between public and private cloud services on IBM SoftLayer. EVRY has designed a unique private cloud service that offers customers greater breadth and flexibility than public cloud services for those of its customers who have high security requirements and need secure data storage in Norway.

EVRY’s Cloud Management Platform gives its customers the flexibility to build separate private clouds that ensure optimal use of the advantages of cloud services. The process to transition EVRY’s customers to this new concept is now fully under way.

EVRY to deliver cloud services to Telenor across the Nordic region

Dedicated cloud, infrastructure and data centre services designed to support Telenor’s digital transformation are part of the new agreement between Telenor and EVRY. EVRY has delivered IT services to Telenor’s Norwegian organisation for many years. Following the new agreement, the scope of the services EVRY provides has increased to include Telenor in Sweden in addition to Telenor’s companies in Norway.

Under the agreement EVRY will deliver an innovative infrastructure with dedicated cloud services that can be combined with global public cloud services. This concept offers a high degree of flexibility, security and scalability both technologically and in terms of cost. The services will be delivered from EVRY’s newly established data centre in Norway, which will use leading cloud services technology.

“Having standardised services across the region will increase our efficiency and ability to scale, and cloud-based technology is the foundation of our ongoing transformation to become a complete digital service provider. Initiatives such as this enable us to adjust quickly to our customers’ changing needs efficiently”, comments Ruza Sabanovic, Chief Technology Officer at the Telenor Group.

EVRY’s data centres are world-class in terms of their security and environmental standards. The data centres only use half as much energy as traditional data centres due to the use of an entirely new and innovative air-cooling system in combination with modern, virtualised and energy-efficient servers.

“We are very proud to have been selected by Telenor, and it proves that we are able to offer high-quality infrastructure and cloud services to the large company market as well. Telenor is a company that really has the ability to adopt new technology for its customers to benefit from, and this new agreement enables Telenor to offer its customers even better solutions internationally. It is a good example of how we are able to create digital advantage for our customers”, comments Björn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY.

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