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EVRY simplifies the loan process for Landshypotek Bank

(Oslo, 12 January 2017) Landshypotek Bank and EVRY have entered into an agreement for EVRY to simplify and improve the efficiency of the bank’s loan management processes. The agreement runs for a period of three years.

Landshypotek Bank is a member-owned specialist bank that targets the farming and forestry industries in Sweden. The bank, which was founded in 1836, has entered into a collaboration with EVRY in order to simplify and improve the efficiency of processes associated with applying for and processing loans at the bank.

EVRY will also help with consolidating Landshypotek Bank’s internal applications. The bank’s case managers currently use several applications, but the new solution will only require them to use one. The new solution will deliver significant savings to Landshypotek Bank and will free up case managers’ time for other more proactive tasks.

- We are constantly working to find new solutions in order to make our processes more efficient and to improve the banking experience for our customers. Thanks to the modern technical platform and high level of expertise offered by EVRY, our collaboration will be central to our efforts to make additional progress in the digital arena and therefore as a bank, comments Liza Nyberg, the CEO of Landshypotek Bank.

- We are very pleased to have been selected as a collaboration partner by Landshypotek Bank. Landshypotek Bank is committed to making a difference for its customers and to meeting their expectations for the services the bank offers. The bank’s new platform will be a strong foundation for it to achieve this, and will also make it much simpler for the bank to develop further, to offer new products, and to attract new customer segments in future, comments Wiljar Nesse, EVP for Financial Services at EVRY.

- The banking sector is one of EVRY’s most important growth areas. This agreement confirms our position as a supplier of loan management services to the entire Nordic market, adds Wiljar Nesse.

Contact persons
Wiljar Nesse, EVP Financial Services, EVRY, tel.  +47 934 48 116
Viola Hellström, VP Communications, Financial Services, EVRY, tel. +46 73 708 1727
Tomas Uddin, Head of Marketing and Communications, Landshypotek Bank, tel. +46 70 299 24 08

About Landshypotek Bank
Landshypotek Bank is the ninth largest bank in Sweden and offers competitive financing to Sweden’s farmers and forest owners. The bank also offers competitive savings products for everyone. Landshypotek Bank has nearly 160 employees across 19 locations in Sweden.