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EVRY ASA annual report 2017

In 2017 EVRY worked on creating a strong growth culture and developed new growth areas in a targeted manner while also investing in its existing service portfolio.


It also sought to accelerate progress by recruiting a significant number of people with expertise in areas of technology such as artificial intelligence, robotisation, machine learning and the internet of things. EVRY’s future growth depends on creating a culture that attracts the best people, both in terms of expertise and their ability to work collaboratively.

Our objective is to help our customers to improve the user experience they offer and to become more attractive and competitive in today’s quickly evolving world. To be the best at value-adding digital services, it is people, expertise and collaboration that are crucial. This annual report sets out not only our strategy, organisational structure and financial results, but also other matters that are important to EVRY, from our effect on wider society to our business plan and internal matters. It consequently provides integrated reporting on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and is intended to provide an overview of our business as it is today and to show where we are heading over the coming years.

Read the EVRY Annual Report 2017 here.