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The EVRY Annual Report 2016: Customer-Centric Innovation

Customer-centric innovation: The title of this year`s annual report points to the very core of our business strategy, which is that we strive to help our customers develop value-adding digital services - services that enable our customers to offer a better customer experience and so become more attractive and competitive.


Our aim is to be one of the leading knowledge businesses in the Nordic region and to possess the insight, expertise and concepts needed to build a bridge between technology and business strategy.

From cost-effective cloud technology to modernisation and innovation, EVRY seeks to be a catalyst for its customers’ digital change journeys. We work with our customers to create digital advantages, and so our value proposition is “Digital Advantage”.

This annual report sets out not only our strategy, organisational structure and financial results, but also other matters that are important to EVRY, from our effect on wider society to our business plan and internal matters. It consequently provides integrated reporting on sustainability and corporate social responsibility, and is intended to provide an overview of our business as it is today and to show where we are heading over the coming years.

The EVRY Annual Report 2016 is available here:

The EVRY Annual Report 2016 can be downloaded in PDF format here. 

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