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EVRY and Fana Sparebank sign new agreement

(Oslo, 19 December 2016) EVRY and Fana Sparebank have entered into a new agreement for EVRY to deliver next-generation core banking and payment solutions in addition to banking and operations services. The agreement also includes modernising the self-service solutions used by the bank’s customers in order to better address customer needs going forward. The agreement extends over a period of five years, and includes the option to extend for a further two years.

WIljar Nesse, EVP Financial Services in EVRY

Under the new agreement EVRY will deliver a complete portfolio of solutions to Fana Sparebank. The bank’s ambition is to be innovative in everything it does, which is absolutely crucial in view of the changes taking place in the industry. Its expanded collaboration with EVRY will support the bank in this approach and is important to Fana Sparebank’s ability to achieve its targets in the areas of efficiency and growth.

- Fana Sparebank is committed to being the preferred local bank. We want to be where our customers are and to satisfy their requirements, whether in terms of technology, their choice of channel or the time at which they want to use our services. It should be easy to be a customer with us, and providing a good banking experience through new self-service solutions, for example, will make our customers feel that we deliver more than they expect. EVRY has a high-quality service offering that is making this possible as well as equipping us for the future and reducing our IT costs, comments Lisbet K. Nærø, CEO of Fana Sparebank.

- We are very pleased that Fana Sparebank wants to continue the successful collaboration we enjoy and to invest in next-generation core banking and payment solutions from EVRY. An important element for Fana Sparebank is the ability to give customers a high-quality banking experience as well as simple, user-friendly banking services. The new collaboration agreement we have entered into will help address these expectations while also increasing the bank’s cost efficiency, comments Wiljar Nesse, EVP for Financial Services at EVRY.

EVRY has so far entered into similar delivery agreements for next-generation core banking and payment solutions with the SpareBank 1 Alliance, Sparebanken Vest, a group of four banks comprising Sparebanken Sør, Sparebanken Sogn og Fjordane, Helgeland Sparebank and Gjensidige Bank, an alliance of nine savings banks with a joint collaboration agreement (De Samarbeidende Sparebankene), Sparebanken Møre and Handelsbanken Norway. The contracts have a combined total value of approximately NOK 6,240 million.

- EVRY has big ambitions for the Nordic market. These agreements demonstrate that our solutions are competitive and address the needs of large banks and independent banks alike, explains Wiljar Nesse.

EVRY is establishing its new core banking solution as a service platform using industry-standard components. Its development strategy and implementation methodology are firmly based on the company's involvement in the Banking Industry Architecture Network, of which EVRY is the only member that is a Nordic IT service provider. Modern architecture and standards, including ISO 20022, ensure that the solutions are flexible, cost-effective and designed to meet international requirements. The solutions can be delivered as SaaS services from EVRY, or as components installed at banks.

About the agreement

The new agreement runs until 31 December 2022 and includes the option for Fana Sparebank to extend for a further two years.

Contact persons:

  • Wiljar Nesse, EVP Financial Services, EVRY, tel. +47 934 48 116
  • Viola Hellström, VP Communications Financial Services, EVRY,
    tel. + 46 73 708 17 27
  • Lisbet K. Nærø, CEO of Fana Sparebank, tel. + 47 952 65 960
  • Marianne Wik Sætre, Director of innovation and development, Fana Sparebank,
    tel. + 47 928 31 804

About Fana Sparebank

With its head office in Nesttun and four branches across Bergen and the surrounding area, Fana Sparebank is the only local bank in Bergen. The Fana Sparebank group consists of Fana Sparebank, Fana Sparebank Eiendom and Fana Sparebank Boligkreditt and has a total of approximately 150 employees. In recent years Fana Sparebank has made a significant contribution to strengthening Bergen’s status as a financial centre through its involvement in setting up Frende Forsikring, Brage Finans and Norne Securities. Fana Sparebank is your local provider of banking, savings and insurance services.