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New Managing Director of the EVRY Strategic Design Lab: EVRY intensifies its focus on strategic design

Daniel Nordstad Grönquist has been appointed as the Managing Director of the EVRY Strategic Design Lab. He has over 20 years of experience in strategy, innovation and management as a strategy consultant, researcher and manager. 


“The EVRY Strategic Design Lab has a customer-centric focus and combines strategic opportunities with the use of new digital solutions. This results in companies developing new and improved relationships with customers, modifying their business models and taking the right course in relation to the digital transformation that many industries are facing. You cannot get closer to the core of business strategy and so I could not possibly have said no to this opportunity”, comments Daniel Nordstad Grönquist.

Daniel Nordstad Grönquist’s most recent experience is as Principal and Practice Lead at Bekk Management Consulting and as a researcher and senior advisor at the Norwegian School of Economics’ Center for Service Innovation. He has also previously been a partner at NormannPartners and Strategy Director at the Observer Group. Daniel was born in Sweden and lives in Norway, and has worked in over 15 countries and lived in four.

The EVRY Strategic Design Lab across the Nordic region
Daniel Nordstad Grönquist will report directly to EVRY’s CEO, Björn Ivroth.

“Daniel has a strong background in the intersection between strategy, design and technological innovation. This combination of expertise will be of central importance to the new EVRY we are now building. In its first year the EVRY Strategic Design Lab in Stockholm has attracted a range of different customers. The topics it has worked on have included the future of banking and the smart cities of the future, and have resulted in exciting projects as well as strengthened relationships and new customers. We intend to expand by opening more design labs in other Nordic cities. With Daniel on board, we are going to further strengthen this focus”, comments Björn Ivroth, CEO of EVRY.

Building a bridge between strategy and technology
“Strategy as a topic has changed a lot over the last 20 years. In short, we have moved from strategic plans via dynamic planning to strategic design. At the EVRY Strategic Design Lab we start by looking at what is driving change at our customer’s customers and what strategic opportunities this is creating. We then take the most important of these opportunities on both a short and long-term horizon and turn them into trial projects. In a rapidly changing world, we need to assess the practical reality of each opportunity in order to discover whether it has real potential in the market and exploit it if it does. Strategy work therefore progresses rapidly from intensive workshops where we use design techniques and moves out to customer-oriented trial projects that use new technology. My experience is that managers think bringing strategy and technology so closely together is exciting, and are very enthusiastic about how the aim the entire time is to come up with concrete strategy-based projects intended to deliver competitive advantage”, comments Daniel Nordstad Grönquist.

About the EVRY Strategic Design Lab
The EVRY Strategic Design Lab is a partnership with Method Inc., an experience design firm. Method was set up in 1999 and has offices in San Francisco, New York and London, and collaborates with clients to bring insight, strategy and design to solve problems facing brands, products and services in the digital economy. Visit the EVRY Strategic Design Lab here. 

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