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The digital life – hope or concern?

Digitisation, along with globalisation and urbanisation, has been designated as one of the megatrends of our age. Trends that result in permanent changes to our lives. But how great is knowledge and enthusiasm in the population, and what is that excites and causes concern?


In partnership with our customers, EVRY develops new digital services and solutions every day. In order to succeed with the solutions, we need insights into desires and needs, and we need to monitor behavioural patterns related to the service, the customer’s business and the customer’s customer. 

Prior to the survey, the goal was to take a broader view than the individual service and look at the entirety of the population’s digital life. We have been looking for the attitudes the population has toward digitisation that already has taken place, and toward the services in use. We have also attempted to uncover attitudes towards and opinions of the technological future we are envisioned. Automation, robotization and artificial intelligence are important topics here. Which hopes and concerns do we have for the technological future? 

The survey was conducted using three focus group surveys in Norway, as well as by conducting representative surveys in Norway and Sweden. The questionnaire was largely based on the findings from the focus groups. The Opinion analysis bureau helped EVRY conduct the survey. We hope the insights may be useful to you and your business.

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