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Flying high with BI

”We first met with EVRY on 24 September 2012, and on 1 December 2012 we took off with our business intelligence solution. The whole process would never have gone so amazingly quickly without the fantastic teamwork we experienced. EVRY could guarantee us not only their vast technical knowledge, but also their applications and business expertise. They made us feel that we were their highest priority, and together we accomplished a job, in which everything went well from start to finish,” says Henrik Skifte, Satair.

Time-consuming, pro­prietary reporting system, based on MS SQL data warehouse.

Reports developed in SAP BusinessObjects on top of data from SAP CRM. The technology is SAP BW 7.0.2 and BO XI 3.1 SP5.

Future-proof standard solution based on best practice. Transparency, managerial overview and insight in terms of necessary key performance indicators.

Future-proof standard solution

Because of rapid expansion and growth, our company needs increasingly streamlined and structured work processes, based on our fundamental desire to continue to provide customers with the best possible service. So it was a strategy-based decision that made us enter into an agreement with EVRY for the implementation of business intelligence and concrete tools for the improved reporting of sales opportunities and activities,” says Henrik Skifte, Head of Business Intelligence at Satair.

“Our challenge lay in the fact, that a great deal of our reporting was previously conducted in a proprietary MS SQL-based data warehouse. So we had to decide whether or not to continue with that method. Although it was time-consuming, at least as a company we were all familiar with it. The alternat­ive was to use SAP BW, in which 95% of the solution would be standard-based, and the remaining 5% would comprise additions of any Satair-specific data. We decided to go with EVRY’s recommendation: to develop our reports in the SAPs BusinessObjects tool on top of data from SAP CRM, thus acquiring a future-proof standard solution with short development time,” says William Irving, a BI specialist at Satair. 

Competent sparring partner

“Although we mainly worked with an individual consultant, who guided us through the whole process, Satair also had constant contact with EVRY. Every single EVRY em­ployee, whom we got to know, were on the ball instantly, whenever we needed their help. They were highly efficient sparring partners in terms of planning and implementation, in which every eventuality had to be identified, discussed and dealt with. Meanwhile, during the actual implementation, they displayed exceptional flexibility and a knack for directing a project and a process from start to finish. This was invaluable for us,” says Henrik Skifte.

“EVRY provided much much more than we could ever expect. The original idea and strategy for the architecture, which they proposed, have been fully implemented, and
everything works. The fact that we have not had to make a single adjustment or change along the way, is evidence that they know what they are doing. They were with us all the way, asking critical questions and guiding us through the process. They both supported us and challenged us. The teamwork and partnership between us was fantastic.”

An integrated solution

Satair’s business intelligence solution includes deployment of the data model and ETL for CRM to which individual Satair-specific fields were added.

“The developed reports display sales opportunities and activities for the members of staff, whose jobs authorise them to see them. Our original expectation was that reports would exclusively be submitted via Business Objects Infoview, but the added advantage is that everything is integrated. So CRM users do not have to change application in order to see their key performance indicators. They are just a single click away,” says William Irving.

Powerful management tool

Consistent key performance indicators are the essence of Satair’s mission, so that we are able to act upon the correct information and remain cost-competitive. So well-defined management tools are essential, in terms of guaranteeing that our principles of reporting are the same every time. They enable senior executives, middle management and staff to make the right decisions at the right time. Today we have a business intelligence solution, which functions exactly as intended, and we look forward to developing it even further in the near future,” concludes Henrik Skifte.