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Nestor Cables saw the benefits of a scalable ERP system early on


”Internally, I've likened this to going from black-and-white to a world full of colours in terms of reporting.” – Jari Virkkunen, Production and Logistics Director, Nestor Cable.

The Oulu-based Nestor Cables is a case in point of how manufacturing industry is all but gone from Finland, despite what the papers say. In 2007, the founders of Nestor Cables examined market analyses and realised that despite the global structural change in the telecommunications industry, Finland still had demand and room for Finnish telecommunications cable manufacturers.

Backed by their industry knowledge, the founders had a new optical and copper telecommunication cable manufacturing company running in an old industrial facility around six months after the decision to found the company. Today Nestor Cables develops, manufactures and sells optical and copper telecommunication and industrial cables, as well as fibre optic cable accessories. The company's clients include telecommunications service providers, contractors, industry and public administration organisations and wholesalers. 

"In the Finnish market, we are set apart from the competitors by our reliability and service security. Our clients know us and they can rest assured knowing that we can do it, which is not always the case when you're dealing with large faceless companies," says Jari Virkkunen, the Production and Logistics Director of Nestor Cables.

"Of course, we also have our sights set on the global markets. Our products are mainly exported to the neighbouring markets of other Nordic countries, the Baltic states and Russia, but our products have also been exported to North America and Africa. The key to our business model is the proven quality of our products – as a company from the North, our clients know that our cables will work in arctic conditions, but they are just as reliable in hot deserts, too," Virkkunen continues.

Early investment in IT infrastructure

During its founding stage, one of the first major decisions the company made was to purchase an enterprise resource planning system. EVRY was chosen as the system supplier while the system of choice was the flexible Microsoft Dynamics NAV which is used in all the company operations apart from payroll and HR administration. The key feature of the system is its efficient and scalable production and logistics management options. Nestor Cables manufacturers both standard and bespoke products and the ERP system must support every order seamlessly. The long and successful history of Nestor Cables and EVRY is based on excellent personal relations.

"Most key members of both us and EVRY have been the same throughout this time, which has definitely made our jobs and cooperation easier," says Virkkunen.

More colour to reporting

In the spring of 2015, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV version used by Nestor Cables was updated to the most recent version of the program. For the most part this was done for maintenance reasons, but Nestor Cables also regarded the update as an opportunity to tap into all the new possibilities, especially in reporting. The QlikView reporting tool built on the ERP system offers illustrative and real-time information from different business sectors. EVRY provided both the version update and the reporting solutions for Nestor Cables.

”Internally, I've likened this to going from black-and-white to a world full of colours in terms of reporting. This is of course not be interpreted literally but I think it describes very well how modern reporting tools visualise data in many different ways and how it really pays off to use them to their full potential," Virkkunen concludes.