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Automated Computer Configuration helps saving lives

Laerdal Medical is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical simulation equipment. As a proud contributor, EVRY implemented a modern deployment solution to automate configuration of computers used to operate simulators. The flexible and scalable solution provides automated production to Laerdal Medical’s world wide operations.

Laerdal Medical is a leading distributor of Medical simulation equipment. Some equipment is of such complexity that it requires specific computer software to leverage and take full advantage of the equipment's functionality.

To assure compatibility, functionality and performance of the computers running this software, Laerdal Medical deploys and distributes specific computer models along with their simulators.

The deployment procedures regarding these computers were not on par with the possibilities in current deployment solutions. It involved a lot of manual configuration steps, it was very time consuming and hence there were many possible sources for error.

Through open dialog between Laerdal Medical and EVRY's deployment specialist. We concluded that implementing Microsoft Deployment Toolkit was the best way to move forward.

Reducing time spent on deployments. Removing most, if not all, manual configuration steps. While providing the scalability and flexibility needed to roll out future software releases and operating systems with minimal configuration. MDT also supports the latest computer firmware security features, enabling Laerdal Medical to provide it’s customers with an up to date and secure product.

The solution can be implemented on multiple sites and even in other countries, while keeping administration and configuration centralized.

It would also provide deployment technicians and support-personnel with a solution to rework computers that have already been shipped of-site or even sold to Laerdal Medical’s customers. Enabling re-configuration of already configured, but not yet sold equipment and potentially reducing both time and resources spent on support cases by using the system for disaster recovery.

Laerdal Medical is now able to deploy their custom software and operating systems configurations to supported computer models in an uniform fashion. Updating the solution to deploy new software releases, operating systems or altering configuration is now a process performed in a matter of hours, instead of days. Because of the reduction of manual steps, the need for verification is also often reduced, saving additional time and cost.

The implemented deployment system is fully documented and is under revision control. This enables Laerdal Medical to easily adhere to different customers and countries reporting requirements, which often are significant in the health sector and medical industry.

The new automated deployment system allows deployment technicians to produce computers at a greater pace, it removes any possibility of misconfiguration due to manual actions and it frees up time as the process is now automated.

Perform together

The quality of service delivered was achieved through close collaboration and a common understanding of the requirements and challenges.
Dag Sanna, Laerdal Medical:

”EVRY responded, adapted and understood our needs very
quickly. Always focused on maximizing the value of the delivery.
We especially valued the consultants ability to work independently, documenting everything along the way.”

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