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Geberit Specifier – enables quick and correct lead response

As European leader in the field of sanitary products Geberit always aim to be frontrunner within the industry. When finding new ways to approach key players in the project market that constitute a very large cut in Geberit’s sales the Swiss were in need of a digital edge solution. Main target groups for the solution are architects, designers, planners and developers.

The challenge

Creating documents regarding product specification for such parties has been a time-consuming part of Geberit’s sales process. When having a complex sales process as well as offering a very large range of closely related products increases the need for effective tools to help sales performance.

Geberit realized the need of a digital tool to support sales, which would enable the sellers to deliver relevant information to the customer – quickly – in order to remain as a flexible and relevant partner. They also wanted to be able to ensure that accurate and qualitative information is created and delivered to handle leads in a more efficient way. 

Geberit Specifier

EVRY’s mission was to help Geberit create a user-friendly intelligent digital tool to support Geberit’s own sellers and mentioned main target groups. The aim of the tools was to:

  • Help the user to find the right product in Geberit’s product range that matches requirements
  • Present related products witch compatible appliances
  • Connect lead to Geberit seller
  • Create tailored document specification with relevant product information, images and BIM- /CAD-files

Next step

In parallel with increased interest from the market about the tool, during 2018 the designated team within EVRY will continue to improve and analyze Geberit Specifier further in order to adapt it to new markets and stakeholders.

 “Thanks to Specifier, we feel that we can be more flexible and efficient in our exchange with the project market. The Geberit team have embraced the Specifier and this internal appreciation is a satisfying evidence of its effect. "Says Dirk Wilhelm, Head of Digital, Geberit”.

Other than developing project market driven Geberit Specifier EVRY is also involved in creating marketing support tools for the groups different brands such as Keramag, Ifö, IDO and Twyford that refers directly towards the consumer. The range of digital services are a mix of online “build-your-own-bathroom” tools, digital imagery of products and product related sceneries as well as interactive 3D for social media.