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Azure Stack gives us the flexibility and opportunity to focus on application development!

"Moving our development and test environment to the cloud have shortened our release cycle significantly."

The software provider of electronic processing of incoming invoices and documents

Eye-share provides software solutions for electronic processing of all types of documents, and are currently providing solutions to over 500 customers worldwide. Our main product is Eye-share Invoice, that automates the accounts payable process and is integrated with all leading ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle Financials, MS Dynamics and others. Currently we host our development and test environments in Azure, and use Azure Service Bus to integrate with the various financial systems, says CTO Terje Torkelsen in Eye-share. 

Why is Eye-share moving to the cloud?
A few years ago Eye-share started the process of rewriting our applications. We knew from the start that if Eye-share wanted to be competitive we had to lower the implementation cost, be able to deliver faster and with higher quality. By moving our development and test environments to the public cloud we have managed to shorten the release cycle significantly and can execute quality tests faster. We have learned a lot from this and are now starting to see more acceptance amongst our customers for hosting in the cloud. This is very exciting for Eye-share and we are looking forward to moving more of our production workload to the cloud


With Azure Stack we know exactly where data is stored!
With Azure Stack we can now utilize the full power of Azure and know exactly where data is stored, but we are most excited about the flexibility and the ability to move resources seamlessly from Azure to Azure Stack. Eye-share can offer our customers a complete solution where we take responsibility of hosting. This opens up new opportunities for us. Some of our customers are bound by national regulations and we are now in the position of providing storage meeting their requirements.

The benefits from Azure Stack are many!
We already have a good knowledge of Azure and templates are in place for deploying various resources. Being able to bring that back to Azure Stack reduces our implementation cost of moving datacenter. It also simplifies our management processes by having access to the same resources. Our plan is to split application into smaller parts that can be individually scaled for this. Azure Stack offers many services that will help us do just that, reducing costs and utilizing resources more efficiently.

«Some of our customers are bound by national regulations and with Azure Stack we are now in the position of providing storage localy». says CTO, Terje Torkelsen i Eye-share.


With Azure Stack we can focus on application development, not infrastructure!
Eye-share is first and foremost a software development company and that is what we want to focus on. That is why we just love platform as a service. It allows us to focus on the application development and not infrastructure hosting. With Azure Stack we get access to so many useful resources and services helping us focus on just that. The wide variety of services Azure Stack offers makes it an unique hybrid cloud solution. What workloads are the focus in moving to the Cloud? Initially we will start with moving development, test and web applications. At the start these will run as separate virtual machine instances but we are also testing out containers and are looking into Azure Container Services. 

 The Azure Stack launch process togheter with EVRY
Eye-share has been ready and awaiting Azure Stack for some time now. We already have a good cooperation with EVRY and they are one of the first providers on Azure Stack. EVRY being one of the largest providers in the Nordics, is also an important factor for us Eye-share and our customers are ready, we will start implementing Azure Stack together with EVRY as soon as possible. We think that Azure Stack gives us the flexibility and oppertunities we are loooking for to best meet Eye-share needs for the future.

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