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Easier travel thanks to a new website

Around 700,000 people use the public transport services run by SL every day, with metros, buses, commuter trains, ferries and light rail all helping people reach their destination. Together with EVRY SL has created a responsive website – – that will provide people travelling around Stockholm with reliable information before, during and after their journey.

The site, which was developed by SL in close collaboration with EVRY, has around 150,000 visitors a day, and provides access to service status information relevant to users’ current locations, often via a mobile.

"We have shifted emphasis from running an information channel to offering a tool that simplifies daily travel around Stockholm”, comments Robert Fromell, a web strategist who headed up development of the new site.

Quality content and new functions
The content of the website is intended to make travelling easier. Content that is not directly related to journeys, such as information about how public transport is controlled and organised, has been moved elsewhere.

Passengers are not required to fill out addresses or stops, as the site offers suggestions based on the nearest stops and stations. The map function makes it easier and quicker to see where the nearest station or stop is, where the nearest place to buy tickets is, and where the nearest commuter car park is located. The site also offers a good overview of the different types of tickets available, and can be used to purchase some types of tickets.

The new site:

  • Search for information on departures in real-time
  • Plan journeys based on your current location
  • Access general service status information
  • See journeys on a map and find information about ticket sales, stops and stations, zones, and parking
  • Purchase tickets and top up your travel credit
  • View ticket history and account balance
  • Keep up to date with news and events related to public transport and SL

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