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EVRY and Cramo in close cooperation

EVRY and Cramo work closely together on printing and envelope filling for customer invoices and on e-invoices, as well as scanning and recognition for supplier invoices. Annual volumes are estimated to be around 350,000 customer voices and 120,000 supplier invoices.

EVRY has provided printing and envelope services for Cramo’s customer invoices since 2002. In addition, EVRY operates an electronic archive for Cramo. The collaboration was expanded in 2004 when the partners signed an agreement to include Cramo’s outgoing e-invoices, scanning and recognition for supplier invoices and receiving the company’s electronic invoices. With effect from 2007, the agreement applies to Cramo’s activities in all the Nordic countries.
“In order to rationalise and save costs, as well as improving security, we have decided to go over to electronic management of our supplier invoices”, explains Henrik Kjellberg, Head of Accounting at Cramo. “We selected EVRY as our supplier for invoice scanning and recognition because they offered a very competitive price, and we know from our existing collaboration that they are very good at document management”.

About Cramo

Cramo is an equipment rental company, specialising in renting out machinery and equipment, and also modular space, to industrial companies, construction companies and the public sector. The business includes rental services both for short periods and on multi-year contracts. Rental contracts can include complementary services such as guaranteed levels of availability and other features.

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