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Our history

EVRY is the result of the largest merger ever seen in the Nordic IT industry. EDB and ErgoGroup, which were Norway’s two largest IT companies, merged in 2010. The merger brought together over 50 years of experience and innovation.

Unlike other major IT suppliers active in Norway and the other Nordic countries, EVRY has a long tradition of strong Norwegian ownership, which ensures that it is firmly anchored in its Nordic home market. 

EVRY has 50 years' history of technology and innovation. Today’s company is the culmination of a major part of Norwegian IT history, and EVRY continues to play a central role in the development of the information society.

Over the years some 70 IT-related businesses have come together to create what is now known as EVRY. Today’s IT solutions cover the range from agriculture and municipalities through to banking and telecommunications, and can trace their history back to the many companies that are now part of EVRY.

Elektronisk Databehandling AS was first established in 1962, and was owned by the Norwegian insurance industry. The company was first listed on the stock exchange in 1997 as AS EDB, and went on to merge with Telenor Programvare in 1998. Telenor has been one of its largest shareholders since this merger.

Statens Driftssentral (SDS) was first established in 1972, and its major customers included SSB (Statistics Norway), Televerket, the health sector, the Labour Directorate and the Public Roads Administration. Norway Post acquired SDS in 1997, and the company subsequently changed its name to ErgoGroup AS, with Norway Post continuing as a shareholder.

Autumn 2010 saw the merger of EDB and ErgoGroup. The merged company changed its name to EVRY in March 2012.

EVRY is now owned approx. 88% by funds controlled by the private equity company Apax. Apax acquired EVRY in March 2015. EVRY was delisted from Oslo Børs on 29 October 2015. 

EVRY was acquired by Lyngen Bidco in 2015 and delisted from the Oslo Stock Exchange on 29. oktober 2015. In June 2017, EVRY was relisted on the Oslo Stock Exchange.