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Corporate Responsibility

On every day of the year, over 4 million people in the Nordic countries use services delivered by EVRY. We are committed to ensuring that as a customer of EVRY you can be assured that our services are delivered by a sustainable and robust company.

We are committed to recognising our responsibility to our customers, society as a whole, the environment and our employees in a way that we can be proud of.

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is based on the principle that the company should operate with proper respect for people, the environment and society as a whole. In order to ensure that this is achieved to the greatest extent possible in all areas of the company, EVRY attaches great importance to developing a strong corporate culture, competent managers and reliable control processes. Specific targets for corporate social responsibility are set on an annual basis, and performance is measured through relevant key performance indicators for environmental impact, working conditions and customer satisfaction. 


We are committed to a systematic program of work on environmental measures such as improving energy efficiency, waste management, digital business solutions and reducing business travel.

Improving energy efficiency by making full use of technological developments plays an important role in becoming a greener company, and delivers benefits for society as a whole. With this in mind, we focus on developing solutions that help to reduce adverse environmental effects.

EVRY is a member of the steering group for Grønn IT, which is the Norwegian IT industry's environmental initiative. We believe that the IT industry must recognise responsibility for its own environmental impact, and should also focus on smart IT solutions that help to improve environmental performance in other sectors.

Climate gas emissions

EVRY has produced an annual climate report in accordance with the Greenhouse Gas Protocol since 2012. We can therefore monitor how our consumption changes over time. As well as helping us to improve our performance internally, the climate reports allow us to participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). CDP is an independent not-for-profit organisation that maintains the largest database in the world of statistics on corporate performance in relation to climate gas emissions, including performance data and reporting.

Good results

We implemented measures in 2013 that now place EVRY high up the list for environmentally responsible performance. We have increased our CDP score from 79 in 2012 to 89 in 2013, with the maximum score being 100. Our decision to consolidate 18 data centres to a single new data centre at Fet will deliver significant environmental benefits. The new data centre will use a completely new and innovative air cooling system that extracts waste heat from the hardware. The air cooling system, combined with EVRY's use of modern low-energy servers, will make this one of the most efficient and sustainable data centres in the world.

Read EVRY Environmental Policy (PDF).

Business ethics

EVRY operates a Code of Conduct for business ethics, and all employees receive training in these guidelines. The guidelines emphasise how employees should relate to customers and business partners, and also lays down guidelines for how to contribute to a good and inclusive working relationships, ensure diversity and contribute to a good environmental standard.

EVRY's Code of Conduct applies to the members of its Board of Directors, its managers, its employees, consultants hired in on temporary contracts and everyone else who represents EVRY. Employees in all companies that are wholly or partly owned by EVRY are required to familiarise themselves with the Code of Conduct and comply with its guidelines.

Human rights

EVRY is becoming an increasingly global business, with op¬erations in countries such as India, Ukraine and Latvia. This has made it necessary for EVRY to place additional emphasis on preventative measures in order to ensure that the entire value chain fully respects the human rights of its employees.

EVRY imposes strict requirements on its suppliers in order to reduce any risks that might be identified in the company's supply chain. All suppliers are expected to live up to the same high standards as EVRY applies in all areas related to social responsibility and human rights, including discrimination and child labour.


EVRY applies a restrictive approach to accepting gifts or participating in other benefits or activities arranged by business partners in order to ensure that its employees do not find themselves in a situation that may be interpreted as, or in fact amount to, corruption. The company has established guidelines for how individual employees should handle this type of situation, and all employees have a duty to familiarize themselves with the guidelines and to comply with them.

Read EVRY Supplier Conduct Principles (pdf) and Code of Conduct (pdf).

Our people

EVRY has over 10,000 employees across its Nordic and international activities. In order to deliver the highest standards of IT solutions and consulting advice, we are committed to having satisfied employees who operate with clear guidelines for business ethics.

We carry out an annual employee satisfaction survey. Key topics for the employee satisfaction survey are working environment, employee motivation, commitment, manage¬ment and engagement with EVRY’s corporate values. The re¬sults of the employee satisfaction survey lead to the inclusion of specific measures for improvement in EVRY's action plans.

Gender equality

EVRY’s Nordic activities employ more than 1,600 women, making it one of the largest IT workplaces for women in the Nordic countries. Women make up 23% of the group’s workforce in Norway and 27% in Sweden. The dis¬tribution of genders is also reflected in management, where the proportions of women are 24% in Norway and 27% in Sweden.

EVRY emphasizes that employees should be free to express their opinions and provide their input to the Board of Directors. In order to ensure their anonymity, the Board of Directors has establish a whistleblower channel that is managed by the BDO audit and consulting firm. The channel enables a written dialogue, including the anonymous exchange of information. Employees as well as customers, vendors or other third parties may use the whistleblower channel under full anonymity. 

Whistleblowing channels

Whistleblowing channel via BDO

Email may also be sent to