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Student or recent graduate?

"We bring information to life"

As consumers, our day-to-day lives are increasingly facilitated and improved by new mobile services that offer entirely new ways of communicating and working. Through our insights, solutions, and technology, we are creating the information society of the future. At EVRY, you can help create the information society of tomorrow.

What challenges can I look forward to?

EVRY has customers in almost all industries and markets. We have large clusters of customers in areas including banking and finance, the municipal and government sector, health, oil and gas, and the processing and production industries. We created, for example, the new electronic voting solution for Norway, as well as an electronic prescription service that allows doctors to send prescriptions directly to pharmacies. The breadth of the company means that you will have the opportunity to pursue a variety of career paths across the various business areas.

What type of person are we looking for?

EVRY recruits newly qualified people who have studied a variety of subjects, but the common feature is a higher education qualification with good grades. With regard to personal attributes, you need an enquiring mind, to enjoy a challenge, and to be focused on creating innovative solutions.

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