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Leading the way through design

Learn how we are leading the way through design. Meet Karen Desliva at EVRY.

The group’s international strategic message “Creating digital advantage for tomorrow’s leaders” commits EVRY to delivering this promise. As part of this, EVRY is adopting the same methodology as the best start-ups: design thinking.

“We use design thinking to create solutions that people want to use”, comments Karen Diana Desilva, a senior UX/Interaction designer at the EVRY Financial Services.

Start-up methodology at a large group
EVRY exploit digital opportunities and has adopted design thinking in order to create better solutions for its customers as well as their users.

“Previously, many people were committed to technology for technology’s sake”, comments Karen Diana Desilva. “People took the possibilities that technology created as their starting point and then created solutions that they hoped people would like. But this approach is the wrong way round; design thinking is about taking users’ needs as your starting point and then linking these with what an organisation can do and what technology makes possible, as well as assessing whether a solution will be commercially viable”, explains Karen.

Many start-ups are familiar with design thinking, but it is not widely used by large companies. This is something that EVRY wants to help change. “Digital advantage for tomorrow’s leaders” One industry Karen works with a lot is the financial services sector, which is an industry where bringing people together who have very different areas of expertise has been important in terms of understanding market developments, particularly how millennials use banking services.

“We found that young people in particular were not interested in banks. We therefore brought together key people from the banking industry, young people themselves, and people with both technical and commercial backgrounds from EVRY. Together we came up with various new solutions that were based on users’ actual needs. We are now looking in more detail at how we can combine artificial and human intelligence into a new banking service. We need to create simpler solutions while retaining the personal dimension. It will be exciting to see what we eventually end up with”, comments Karen Diana Desilva.

Digital Design & Insight
To ensure that we are highly relevant to our customers in the digital marketplace, we have the business unit, Digital Design & Insight. With dedicated multi-disciplinary teams that understand each bank’s brand and engagement model, we help our customers create digital advantage. Digital Design & Insight brings together capabilities in predictive analytics, CRM, UX, UI and front-end development to help customers unleash the power of digital to create new value. 

“As designers, we have the ability and opportunity to create user experiences that make everyday life simpler. At EVRY, you can make a difference thanks to our focus on users and on innovation across a range of industries – and so create digital advantage for tomorrow’s leaders”, explains Karen Diana Desilva.

Join us in developing the banking of tomorrow, today.