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From intern to an expert in blockchain


The internship program at EVRY was the start of Peter’s interest and increasing professional expertise in blockchain technology. After studying computer science at NTNU, Peter started at EVRY as an intern working on a research project on blockchain technology.

Personal and professional development at tremendous speed
“My master’s course focused on researching and developing new technology, so I found continuing this type of work very appealing. At EVRY, I got the opportunity to further develop my interest in business and technology and to research how new technology can be adopted in different business areas. I got to work in a team where we developed a white paper describing an emerging technology called blockchain was completed. I then interacted with both colleagues and customers in which knowledge was shared,” comments Peter.

Blockchain, a disruptive technology
Blockchain technology has its origins in anarcho-capitalist thought, specifically the idea that digital currencies could make central banks and financial institutions superfluous.

“We are now instead seeing a tendency for people to want to improve the existing financial system, rather than to seek to replace it in its entirety. Banks regard blockchain technology as an opportunity as much as a threat. No-one knows for sure where this will all end up. At EVRY, we work on identifying opportunities capable of delivering benefits to our customers through the use of technology. This means we have to be at the very forefront in terms of developing new digital opportunities for customers in the Nordic region”, explains Peter.

Simplifying financing
EVRY decided to test out blockchain technology in an appropriate business area. Since the technology has its origins in finance, developing a prototype that could be used in this area was a natural decision. The initial preliminary work led to a development project that lasted for several months.

“We are now in the process of finalising a project in the financing area consisting of creating a system that uses blockchain technology to simplify the loan syndication process. This process currently takes a long time and involves many different organisations with separate systems and it is never certain that everyone has the same up-to-date information. It is this uncertainty that we are trying to remove”, he explains.

A technology in the starting blocks
It is far from easy to predict what the next developments in blockchain will be, and this is one of the things that Peter finds exciting about working on this technology, in addition to the professional and personal development it involves. Knowledge sharing and collaboration are absolutely essential at EVRY, which means you can develop really quickly at the company.

“When I started at EVRY, it had only just started to look into blockchain. More and more people are now becoming interested in this technology, not just in the department specialising in the financial sector. It’s really great to see that this area is becoming increasingly important to us. It is growing - and our knowledge is increasingly in demand. It’s the start of a journey, and it’s a great journey to be on”, adds Peter.

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