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Do you want to develop and grow at one of the largest IT companies in the Nordic region? Do you want to work on IT solutions for many of the region’s leading banks? Are you interested in working with inspiring customers on demanding projects?

EVRY Financial Services is growing and is looking for committed employees. EVRY offers a broad and comprehensive portfolio of solutions to support banks in their management of continuous change and to facilitate the next generation of banking services.

We are looking for new talented people who want to be a part of developing customer-centric and feature-rich solutions for many of the leading banks in the Nordic region. 

Our work is mainly project-based and involves planning, implementing and managing assignments in close collaboration with customers. Joining EVRY will enable you to develop and realise your professional goals and visions. As we grow, so too will the opportunities open to you as an employee. At EVRY you will be able to try out different areas that involve working both individually and in teams together with other skilled employees.

EVRY has an open and inclusive culture that will help you to grow in your professional role. Our employees enjoy and excel at sharing their high level of technical expertise, deep industry knowledge, skill at delivering and professionalism.

Join us in developing the banking of tomorrow, today.

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Innovating IT today. Defining banking for tomorrow.


Ready to shape the future of banking today?

Digitalisation, rapid changes in customer preferences and the increasing level of operational regulation are reshaping the banking industry. The fast pace of technological development is leading to end-customers having entirely new expectations.

EVRY has the experience, resources and expertise that banks and financial institutions need to adapt to these changes. Through our in-depth industry knowledge, we help our customers to do things differently and to generate new ideas that change how they operate and compete. 

EVRY Financial Services has a portfolio that includes solutions for all core banking services, both in relation to interfaces with end-customers and solutions to support a bank’s internal processes and employees. 

EVRY is the leading provider of IT-servcies to the banking and finance sector in the Nordic region and comprises  approx. 1,200 employees with in-depth insight into the opportunities and challenges that characterise the banking and finance market. 

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