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EVRY and Findwise are coming together

From insight to growth

There are information challenges that next to every team, business and industry face at one time or another. Accessing answers and data when you need it the most. Improving how incoming questions are handled – or to find time for long-term development rather than focusing on repetitive tasks. Search technology and cognitive analytics are being leveraged to help organisations make the most out of their time, resources and data.

EVRY and Findwise are joining forces. Together we want to help our customers take advantage of opportunities available through advanced search, artificial intelligence and big data.


Get ahead with our three-step process

Get ready for what tomorrow’s market has in store ahead of your competitors. Our three-step process will get your business ready for implementing cognitive solutions and all its business enhancing capabilities. We will assist you all the way, adding our knowledge and best practice experience to your expertise.


Find and assess new opportunities by looking at the business value, current sources of data and your existing technical infrastructure.

Prototype and build

Choose the most promising opportunities out of the ones you have identified. How can they be turned into a prototype?

Go to market and scale

How do you best bring it to market and how can we facilitate cognitive applications across your organisation?

The value of Cognitive

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Discover Opportunities

Form new insights and opportunities through structuring and analysing data.

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Make the right decisions

Allow your data to make recommendations to help with your strategy and structure.

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Move from reactive to predictive

Combine sensor data with business information to achieve predictive maintenance.

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Streamline Operations

Optimise efficiency and organisational flow through identifying patterns.

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Protect your systems

Avoid fraud and intrusions through automated processes.

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Empower people

The right information, to the right person at the right time will boost your employees’ daily activities.


A holistic perspective on maximising value

The Pyramid of Data Driven Business Transformation describes what is required to turn your data into a tool that allows you to take action. It helps you to gain valuable and precise insights into what you need to move forward.

If you want to know more about becoming a data driven organisation, download Findwise's report "In Search for Insight 2017".

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Together we are a digital accelerator

Regardless which industry your business operates in we got you covered. We combine design thinking and a deep cognitive understanding with strong business sense, this enables you to navigate new opportunities, and innovate game changing solutions.


Listen to Lfant who tells their story about how they use VR technology in order to reduce the risk of water leaks. By making their customers aware of the risks they inspire them to take action to protect their homes by installing water alarms (in Swedish).

Contact us to learn more about how we can amplify your business