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Sweden's most talked about blockchain project

Using blockchain technology, the process of purchasing a property can be made significantly more efficient, secure and transparent for all the parties involved.

The digitisation and development of new information technology is one of the strongest change forces in society. The technology known as "block chains" is one of the most discussed in the past year, both in technology circles and in the financial industry.

In December 2015, the influential bank Goldman Sachs expressed the following about the block chain technology: "Silicon Valley and Wall Street are betting that the underlying technology behind [the Bitcoin hype cycle], the Blockchain, can change ... well everything." In a survey among experts of the World Economic Forum 2015, the majority (57% of respondents) estimated that 10% of the world's GDP is registered in a block chain in 2025.

Sweden's most talked about blockchain project
EVRY works with Lantmäteriet (the Swedish Mapping, Cadastral and Land Registration Authority), Landshypotek Bank, SBAB Bank, Telia, ChromaWay and Kairos Future to simplify the time-consuming and demanding process of purchasing a property. This is currently highly paper-based and manual. Using blockchain technology, the process can be made significantly more efficient, secure and transparent for all the parties involved.

Project participants

Sweden – a front runner in the field

Today, Swedish citizens sign several physical documents such as contract, bill of sale, and credit documents in a real estate transaction. These documents are sent by traditional mail, and sometimes as scanned copies of the documents. 

Blockchain and smart contracts can verify whether a document is genuine and that the process flow and authorisations are in order. This makes it possible to bring all parts of the process together and to replace paper documents and signatures with digital contracts and digital signatures with the help of electronic “fingerprints” unique to each document, similar to human fingerprints.  Digital contracts also reduce the risk of registering incorrect information and the inability to get title deed, the confirmation from the Land registry of ownership of the property. The proposed solution would make Sweden the front runner in this field.


“EVRY has already developed a virtually fully automated loan management solution that is used by many different banks in the Nordic market. Property transactions are an area in which blockchain is a very promising technology. Fewer manual submissions, quicker responses and greater transparency would provide bank customers with a better user experience”.

- Rickard Källander, who is responsible for EVRY’s contribution to the project


Launching the world's first blockchain real estate transfer on 11 June

During a seminar, held on the 11th of June a real estate transfer will be carried out completely digitally. In parallel, we will discuss governance, law and the benefit of the new technology for the society and for housing issues. Knowledgeable representatives from the project group, ie Lantmäteriet, Skatteverket, Telia, SBAB, Landshypotek Bank, EVRY, ChromaWay, Lantmäteriet and Kairos Future will participate, and, of course, a seller and a buyer of a property.

The third phase of the project has focused on building a useful technology for all involved, setting up nodes at several of the participating organizations, as well as clarifying the conditions and making suggestions on governance and legal issues. The work has involved representatives from several ministries and authorities. A report from this work is presented at the seminar.

“It’s a really exciting project that is a great example of how a number of organisations can work together to create value for all parties involved in property transactions. We will contribute to build an infrastructure that unites various different types of organisations and digitalises a manual process that is currently both time-consuming and complex. We are constantly developing our business, and blockchain technology is an area where we find it important to be at the forefront knowledge-wise in the transformation taking place in the banking industry”.
- Wiljar Nesse, EVP for Financial Services at EVRY



“We are really pleased that EVRY is a part of the project and think EVRY will be able to help develop and, furthermore, speed up the adoption of this service in future by brokers and banks, including in the Nordic region. We believe the service will be the first fully digitalised system for property transfers in the world”. 

- Magnus Kempe from Kairos Future, who is leading the project



EVRY simplifies the loan process for Landshypotek Bank

(Oslo, 12 January 2017) Landshypotek Bank and EVRY have entered into an agreement for EVRY to simplify and improve the efficiency of the bank’s loan management processes. The agreement runs for a period of three years.

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