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EVRY enters into a Nordic agreement with Bank Norwegian for card and mobile services

EVRY enters into a Nordic agreement with Bank Norwegian for card and mobile services

EVRY is expanding its collaboration with Bank Norwegian and entering into a five-year agreement for card-related services. The agreement that has been signed includes services in the areas of transaction and processing and dispute management.


From left: Tord Rune Larsen, Sales Director Card at EVRY, Merete Eikeseth Gillund, CIO at Bank Norwegian, Jarle Engh, Key Account Manager Financial Services at EVRY.

This agreement has an estimated contract value in excess of NOK 100 million over the contract period, and it applies to all Nordic countries and includes the option for Bank Norwegian to use EVRY's services in any new markets that it chooses to enter.

"This agreement with EVRY gives us access to robust and cost-effective solutions for processing the bank's credit card transactions. We greatly value reliability and flexibility, and at the same time it is important for Bank Norwegian to have access to new, innovative payment services. Our target as a fully digital bank is to provide simple, standardised products online. In order to achieve this, the bank wants to use the latest technology, which will allow us to achieve a greater level of automation and to offer a better customer experience and a higher degree of self-service in our mobile app," comments Merete Eikeseth Gillund, CIO at Bank Norwegian.

"We are pleased that Bank Norwegian has put its trust in us and is expanding its collaboration with EVRY. We will help make the card management process simple and efficient and will provide the bank's customers with the latest in card services and technology while maintaining the same high level of security. The new agreement is important for us and demonstrates that we have competitive solutions that are well adapted to the Nordic and international markets", comments Christer Jonsson, SVP Card, EVRY Financial Services.

EVRY's new agreement with Bank Norwegian expands upon the existing collaboration by adding entirely new services in the areas of card authorisation and processing to EVRY's current deliveries, which comprise market-leading transaction monitoring and credit card personalisation services.

EVRY has the market's most complete service portfolio in the card area, and provides card services to more than 100 card issuers across the Nordics and Europe.