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EVRY asks Statistics Sweden to participate in EY review

Thursday morning Statistics Sweden (SCB) presented revised statistics on the Labour Force Surveys (LFS) for the period July 2018 - September 2019.

As a subcontractor to SCB, EVRY has for several years conducted telephone interviews and collected a subset of the raw data. This has been the basis for the surveys conducted by EVRY on behalf of SCB. Primary responsibility has been with SCB who always has had full transparency in terms of processes and methods applied by EVRY. SCB have collected the remaining raw data and have been responsible for making the estimates and statistics, which ultimately make up the LFS. In addition, SCB have trained and approved all EVRY staff working on the project conducting interviews on behalf of SCB.

Due to comments from SCB about alleged deviations in data delivered by EVRY, as well as information related to these alleged deviations in Swedish and Norwegian media in recent weeks, EVRY is now conducting a review together with EY as an external and independent third party. The review aims to clarify if there are any basis for the criticism. In parallel, an internal review will also be conducted.


Karin Schreil, CEO EVRY Sweden

“The collection of raw data for LFS is a complicated process, which SCB has had full transparency in during EVRY's execution of the assignment. EVRY always take pride in delivering quality in the assignments we work with. We have therefore asked SCB to participate in EY’s review, as it is still unclear what potential deviations and errors that might exist, and to what extent this has potentially affected the final result in the statistics”, says Karin Schreil, CEO of EVRY Sweden.

Additionally, allegations concerning poor working conditions at EVRY’s call centre has also surfaced in the media. The last couple of days have been difficult for our colleagues at the call centre in Solna who have experienced serious allegations in the media related to deliveries and conditions at the workplace.

“We take the allegations published in the media most seriously and are now investigating to see if there is any basis for these claims. Hence, we have chosen to extend the initial review to also include the working conditions at the call centre. It is of great importance for EVRY to clarify the facts in order to take appropriate measures if needed. Both in relation to the assignment on behalf of SCB, but also as our role as an employer”, says Karin Schreil.

EVRY is now awaiting the results of the external review in order to ascertain whether there are deviations in the collection of raw data and if so, if it could have affected the results of these raw data.

“We assume that it is in the interests of both parties to obtain facts through an independent review in order to understand what may have caused the alleged discrepancies. It is necessary in order to avoid that a similar situation might occur again”, concludes Karin Schreil.

EVRY has asked for SCB’s participation in the ongoing review and is now awaiting their response.

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Photo: Wilhelm Rejnus