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Press releases

  • Press Release Interim CFO in EVRY ASA

    (Oslo, 15.7.2019) Nina Mortensen (43) is appointed Interim Chief Financial Officer in EVRY ASA from 1th of October 2019. She succeeds Henrik Schibler who resigned earlier this year and will leave his position as CFO of EVRY by the end of September.

  • (Oslo, 15 July 2019) EVRY has entered into an agreement with the Norwegian Labour Inspection Authority for a solution for HSE cards, which everyone who works on a building or construction site or for a cleaning company has to have. EVRY will also develop an ordering solution and provide customer support to the organisations that order the cards.

  • EVRY reports a second quarter of 2019 with growth in consulting services and application services that drives a favourable revenue mix and supports the strategic direction

  • The waiting is over as EVRY’s debt register is being launched today. The debt register gives financial companies a new tool for quickly and efficiently assessing potential borrowers’ credit worthiness and for viewing all the unsecured debt they may have.

  • (Fornebu/ Espoo, 18 June 2019) EVRY and Tieto have today announced a merger agreement to create the most competitive digital services and software company in the Nordics.

  • Finland’s Savings Banks Group has chosen to extend its existing agreement with EVRY for five years. The agreement includes debit and credit card production as well as associated services.

  • EVRY has entered into a partnership with CoCoNet to enhance its offering for corporate banks. By integrating CoCoNet’s financial dashboards into its offering, EVRY will help its corporate banking customers to better manage the complexity of financial information.

  • EVRY is expanding its collaboration with Bank Norwegian and entering into a five-year agreement for card-related services. The agreement that has been signed includes services in the areas of transaction and processing and dispute management.

  • (Oslo, 27 November 2018) DNB has renewed its agreement with EVRY for card fraud prevention solutions. As the solutions work in real time, fraudulent transactions can be stopped before they are completed.

  • Monobank has become one of the first banks in the Nordic region to introduce Google’s mobile payment solution for its customers. EVRY has enabled use of Google’s mobile payment solution by digitising customers’ bank cards on their mobile phones.

  • Bankomat and EVRY have entered into a comprehensive agreement for the delivery of systems and services for all of Bankomat’s approximately 1,800 ATMs in Sweden. The agreement represents total contract value of approximately SEK 330 million over a period of three years.