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An appreciable reduction in the number of incidences of card fraud

DNB observed that the volume of card fraud was on the increase, primarily in the form of skimming. For card issuers this represents major costs at the same time as it creates uncertainty for customers.

EVRY has dedicated personnel in place on a 24-hour basis who monitor transactions and are ready to act against attempted fraud. To help, EVRY has a sophisticated monitoring system with a large number of filters specially designed to capture all types of suspicious transactions in real time.

Since the introduction of EVRY's real time surveillance, DNB has noted an appreciable reduction in the number of incidences of fraud. This has led to a reduction in losses due to fraud, at the same time as contributing to increased security for customers. DNB has chosen EVRY as its partner for transaction monitoring. The most cost-efficient solution for DNB proved to be to entrust EVRY to take care of both operation of the application as a part of its customer support.

People today have a lot of choice about how to pay for things. Ecommerce is growing quickly and uses lots of different cards and payment apps. This is positive for customers, but the more payment methods that are made available, the more demanding it is to prevent fraud.

— Alf Otterstad, Group Executive Vice President for IT at DNB

EVRY provide card services to many card issuers across the Nordics and Europe, which means that we can gain experience from many different customers and allow them to benefit from each others' expertise.

Those customers who use a similar solution to DNB have reduced their volumes of card fraud by more than 60 percent on average. EVRY enjoys a close dialogue with its customers and arranges customer forums which permit the exchange of experience.

By creating an opinion of which threat scenario a specific customer is exposed to, EVRY can customise protection against card fraud.

EVRY has huge experience and understanding of how card fraudsters operate. Our deep knowledge has allowed us to build up the most advanced system for transaction monitoring on the market, and it is the most used system in Scandinavia. By acting in real time around the clock, EVRY can stop the fraud while under way, which has reduced the number of fraud considerably.

DNB is Norway’s largest financial services group, and offers a full range of financial products and services, including loans and deposits, funds and asset management, life insurance and pension saving, payment and financing services, real estate brokerage and services related to the money markets and capital markets.

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