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Mobile games for a new segment, where 85% of pilot users would recommend the game ​

Mobile games for a new segment, where 85% of pilot users would recommend the game ​

State lotteries across Europe are experiencing diminishing revenue as the core, ageing demographic is not replaced with new users. This has implications not only for the lotteries, but also for the causes they support, including humanitarian aid, arts, culture, and sports organisations. CoLab, along with co-creation partners Method and EVRY, creates new games and ways to play that attract and retain younger players.​

EVRY developed a framework to rapidly deliver concepts that are tested at scale with real customers and are exciting enough that local lotteries will build and pilot them in market. The CoLab model has three pillars: generating a higher quantity and quality of new ideas, developing concepts faster than what’s possible within the core business, and proving or disproving as many concepts as quickly as possible by testing with consumers and learning from their feedback.​​

CoLab launched in early 2018. Since then, we have generated over 150 new game concepts, tested over 20 concepts with users, and piloted one game in Norway, with 85% of users in one pilot saying they would recommend it to a friend.​

CoLab has only been possible through EVRY’s design and digital development expertise. The team demonstrate high competence in their field and the flexibility to pivot when needed, both at the individual level and at the head office, where the CoLab account is managed effectively, says Jamie Hunt, Head of CoLab

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