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Multikanal integration solution for Unit4Business World generates gains

Lillehammer municipality is part of an intermunicipal partnership involving Gausdal, Lillehammer and Øyer. The municipality provides accounting, invoicing and payroll services for all three municipalities. The need arose for a solution that could gather all the processes involved in distributing invoices and pay slips into a single system. The solution had to be seamless and offer different electronic distribution channels in addition to traditional paper-based distribution.

Lillehammer municipality wanted the solution to meet the distribution and accessibility requirements set out in the Accounting Act, provide multichannel document distribution according to recipients' preferences, and reduce costs. It was also important that all these requirements be provided by the same supplier.

In order to satisfy all of Lillehammer municipality's requirements, we chose our multichannel integration solution for Unit4 Business World. The solution is designed for the public sector and offers a global solution for automating outbound customer and citizen communication. This covers management of all outbound invoices and pay slips, including summaries of income and allowances and deductions and tax returns for childcare.

The Multikanal integration solution for Unit4 Business World is suitable for distributing large consignments of all types of documents via multiple distribution channels. By documents we mean invoices, pay slips, letters and attachments. The integration solution works closely with Unit4 Business World's standard functionality.

After implementation, Lillehammer municipality has reached its goal of cutting its invoice management and payroll costs by using an integrated solution with Unit4 Business World. It has also achieved an electronic proportion of over 65%, which continues to grow thanks to the implementation of new digital mailboxes.

'Multikanal is a future-oriented solution that both cuts our costs and helps us give citizens customised services'

Kari Tobiassen, unit manager in Lillehammer municipality.

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