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The art of giving up the classic Excel file: digitalisation of a business-critical process

The art of giving up the classic Excel file: digitalisation of a business-critical process

Is your workday full of manual tasks? Do tasks like manual email distribution, manual reminders, manual checking and searching for necessary information eat away at your time? Manual tasks are more the rule than the exception in many organisations, and internal systems tend to produce defective information and rely on human resources with no standardised workflow in place.

In EVRY we have long experience and vast know-how in bringing order to this type of inefficient workday. Norconsult, one of the Nordic region's leading consultancy firms in community planning and project management, entrusted us with leading an internal business-critical support process for managing leased computers to the company's employees. The current system provided information about the agreements and their expiry dates, but completely lacked support for replacing the hardware and for meeting employees' wants and needs for applications and other support. These tasks were organised in a classic Excel file comprising around 70 columns, and were managed by one person's knowledge about the process, making it extremely difficult to create a single standardised workflow.

Discover, validate and deliver: a three-step recipe for success

To form an accurate picture of the existing process, we began with a workshop that focused on gathering as much information as possible about it from the roles involved. We reviewed the documentation and manuals to get an idea of the current situation. Based on the information we gathered, we configured an initial version of a new process in the low-code application platform Barium Live, a tool for digitising business processes in which we modelled the new processes, created formulas for data management and added functionality in the form of roles for easier allocation of tasks. Our first version was validated in a second workshop with the customer, where new requirements and areas for improvement were highlighted. In our final workshop together an acceptance test was run and final delivery made of version 1 of Norconsult's new support system.

A successful project is built on smart decisions

The recipe for success in this project has three ingredients:

  • Involve and engage the employees: the people who work in the process every day should be involved early in the process so that they can give the right input.
  • Coordinate closely with the purchasing body.
  • Limit the process: don't make version 1 too comprehensive. Instead, gather all the improvement suggestions in a back log and add them to the next version.

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