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A day at Volvo

A day at Volvo

Emma is a project manager and consultant in EVRY, and has been working at Volvo since day three! For almost two years now she has worked on different projects in Volvo's innovation department. She sees Volvo as the car of the future. So what is Emma actually doing at work evry day?


Hi, Emma. Can you describe a typical day at Volvo?

It's hard to describe a typical day because I work on innovation projects, and they bring new exciting challenges all the time. Most recently, for example, we've spent a lot of time screwing things on cars for an innovation project in Volvo's workshops.

We're trying to find out how technologies like augmented reality can help the technicians. Exciting stuff!

Pilot studies and meetings with end users are recurring themes in my department. Meeting end users is really important because it's a quick way of getting feedback on what works and what needs improvement.

When the project ends, we hand over all our findings to the departments that will be applying the concept. But everything is implemented here; the most important thing is company learnings, which means that we experiment, learn, and apply our learnings.

What challenges is the automotive industry facing?

The next generation is highly digital, and expects cars to be that, too. Fewer young people are interested in getting their driving licence as soon as they turn 18, and the hassle of driving around in search of a parking space seems hopelessly outdated; why can't Siri simply tell us where we can find parking space and pay for it automatically?

It's important that the car of the future be adapted to the generation it will serve. Who will own the car you use in the future? How can cities and towns adapt to accommodate self-driving cars?

These are some of the questions the innovation department here at Volvo is trying to find solutions to.

What is Volvo like as a company?

Volvo is far from the image some have of it as a staid industrial company; it's highly innovative, and the future – not the present – role of the car is always at the centre. It has already abandoned the traditional car image and wants to lead the way to a smarter automotive industry. Volvo thinks in terms of mobility, not cars – and that's a really good thing .