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A logistics portal that brings customers closer

A logistics portal that brings customers closer

The logistics market is changing dramatically, and both corporate and private customers are making increasing demands on their suppliers. It should be easy to be a customer, and Bring Logistics' custom-developed logistics portal is making life easier for its customers.

Bring Logistics wanted a platform for developing the services of the future. One of its key needs was to retain today's functionality while transferring to a flexible, scalable solution and making its services available online.

Improving customer satisfaction

Min Logistikk is Bring Logistics' new portal where all registered customers can retrieve information, request reports, track packages and gain access to new services. One of the main goals was to improve customer satisfaction by providing better, more up-to-date information. Bring Logistics also wanted to modernise its interface to retain existing customers and win new ones. To achieve its goal of becoming the market's leading logistics integrator, it is vital that Bring Logistics offer self-service solutions that are user-friendly and that meet today's standards.

The importance of the internet and mobile technology as strategic tools in Bring Logistics' business operations means that its Min Logistikk solution must serve as an information and marketing channel as well as provide its service offerings to its customers.

Information easy to understand

The solution uses standard integration technology to present information in ways that are easy to understand. The solution's functionality is made accessible online, and background data is provided from Bring Logistics' internal invoicing, logistics and accounting systems. The Min Logistikk solution is the result of close collaboration between developers at EVRY and specialists at Bring Logistics. EVRY has also been responsible for further developing the system after it was commissioned.

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