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Lyse gets Invoice hotel with Multikanal

Lyse gets Invoice hotel with Multikanal

Every month Lyse issues around 400,000 invoices to customers buying energy and telecom products and services. Lyse wanted to reduce its invoicing costs and enhance user friendliness for its customers by giving them a better overview of their invoices.

In practice this meant that Lyse needed an invoice hotel where customers could choose to receive their invoices on paper, by e-mail, e-invoice, direct debit or via Digipost. Customers should also be able to choose which notification system they wanted.

The invoice hotel had to meet Accounting Act requirements for storage and accessibility and provide Multikanal invoice distribution options that satisfied customer preferences. Moreover, it was important for Lyse that we were proactive on delivery and that the solution was cost-effective, modern and future-oriented.

Based on this, Lyse became one of our pilot customers for the Multikanal solution. As well as implementing the solution, our consultants have regular meetings with Lyse to discuss project status and development areas.

'After Multikanal was implemented, we have a well functioning, solid solution that answers our needs as intended. When you operate in such a price-sensitive market like ours, the cost aspect becomes decisive for the results. For example, each customer conversation with our support department costs around NOK 100. This means that costs soon escalate if invoice distribution doesn't work as it should,' says Leif Holger Boge, technical and project manager in Lyse.

Some customers still want to receive their invoices on paper. Lyse can now offer this group more options than previously – more up-to-date invoices with marketing messages adapted to that target group.

Lyse has many important corporate clients, and Multikanal will deliver electronic invoices directly into their invoicing systems.

Lyse's invoice management costs have been reduced significantly since Multikanal was implemented. The company is setting its sights on becoming best in its industry at customer service.

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