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EPIM - By the industry, for the industry

EPIM - By the industry, for the industry

EPIM (Exploration & Production Information Management) and EVRY have built a forward-looking and intuitive system for matching suppliers and operators on the Norwegian continental shelf. The new system has the potential to generate huge savings in operating costs and makes it easier for all parties to stay up to date.

EVRY has helped EPIM build a forward-looking and intuitive system for matching suppliers and operators on the Norwegian continental shelf. The new and intelligent system has potential for huge saving in operational cost and makes staying up to date much easier for all parties.

On the Norwegian continental shelf, the 27 oil and gas operators spend approximately NOK 50 billion each year on products and services for running a safe and efficient production, involving more than 4.000 suppliers from around the globe. Matching the best provider for the thousands of requests is time consuming and does not always make the best match on service, product quality, suitability, availability or price. For more than 20 years a joint qualification system (Achilles JQS) has been used to qualify the suppliers and matching operator requirements with the best suited suppliers.

EPIM, which is the owner of the JQS-concept, decided to build its own and more forward-looking solution adjusted to EPIM's users. Together with EPIM, EVRY has created a roadmap for this and developed a substitute for the old system, that was launched autumn 2018.

The project
EVRY has been instrumental in the development of the new JQS solution from EPIM, which is a supplier register and a service for qualification used by purchasers in the Norwegian and Danish oil and gas sector. It manages supplier information and risk in the supply chain, and enables efficient purchasing in accordance with EU regulations, covering most procurement needs. Collaboration between operators and suppliers coordinated by EPIM, will deliver a standardised industry solution for the Norwegian continental shelf, where the operators and suppliers jointly have agreed on standards for product and service categories, capability assessment guidelines, and core input to all key functionalities in the solution.

The whole project delivery from EVRY includes architecture, consulting, application development and application management. As a result of the process and implementation project, EVRY has been awarded additional business with EPIM such as chatbot, service desk, artificial intelligence, robotics and automated processes.

Throughout the project, EVRY has worked closely with EPIM through weekly workshops with the reference group and frequent project meetings within the project. The project manager has been local, while development has been handled from Ukraine.

Business outcomes
The solution is entirely designed, developed and operated by EVRY based on the EPIM's requirements specifications. With this, EPIM has got a modern, intuitive solution that makes the job of staying up to date much easier for all suppliers to the Norwegian oil sector. It also makes it easier for operators to find the right vendors based on a modern search engine. The solution is built on a platform that makes it easy to add more cognitive functions and to expand the solution with future needs.

“The new and intelligent EPIM JQS has the potential for huge saving in operational cost, and equally important, making sure that the right product and service is matched with the requirement in a bewildering pool of suppliers”.
Gyro Aanestad Vidvei, Project Manager, EVRY Norge.