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Your ERP-system is the hub of your business

Your ERP-system is the hub of your business

There is one thing that almost all companies and organizations have in common, regardless of size industry or business orientation. A great need to get an overview and understanding of how the business is doing.

Successful business owners, managers and employers ask themselves important questions everyday. Is the business showing the right numbers, going in the right direction or are we on the wrong path? How are we handling different types of processes and what can we measure to get an indication of what works well and what needs to be addressed? The answers to these questions can be found in the company's data. It can all be converted into valuable insight but first after you use the right business applications to do so, for example your ERP system.

Letting your ERP-system give you valuable insights

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and is a set of applications that serves to give a clear overview of each company's unique business. With its support, a business can easily adapt to the company's needs and focus on letting the business become successful on a competitive market. Without it, there is a great risk that the business loses potential by not doing as well as it could.

Making the right choice can be difficult

Deciding which ERP-system to go for is not always so easy choice to take. The investment in both time and money is huge. In addition, there are lots of vendors on the market to choose from and most systems are similar at first glance. We know that. That’s why we together with some of the market's best suppliers of ERP systems, have created opportunities for our customers. We have scanned the market and then made a careful selection of which vendors that fits the best with the rest of our offerings. Those are the vendors that we want to work with. After that, we have topped our organisation with the skills needed in our business application consulting teams. We do this so that we can make sure that we implement the right solution for the right customer adapting to both industry and size.

Value adding services

In addition to implementing and supporting you in choosing a new business system, we can also help you get the full potential of the investment. We do this with complementary services and other value add solutions adapted to the ERP-system's functions. For example, by setting up data integration, BI and analytics or other smart services to add value and develop something good to become even better. The choice is of course yours, but if we can give you support on the way to choose, we will be more than happy to do so.

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