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- It's great that I get a lot of time to learn new things and develop

Students have ranked EVRY as the industry's most attractive employer. Fredrik Meringdal thinks he knows why.

Fredrik Meringdal is not just an AI expert; he's also one of Norway's best table tennis players.

Every year Universum conducts a survey to find Norway's most attractive employers and students' career preferences at Norwegian universities and university high schools, and this year almost 15,000 students voiced their opinion.

In this year's survey we climb from sixth to fourth place in the list of Norway's most popular employers.

The results of the survey were announced on 9 May at the Universum Awards seminar. We were named Best in the Industry as well as being one of Norway's most popular employers.

Diversity and continual learning

Fredrik Meringdal, who joined us around a month ago and works on artificial intelligence, strongly agrees with the ranking.

- I'm not surprised that we're in the top ranking. Our size and diversity put us in a strong position. If there's something you're wondering about, whether it's technical questions or advice, you don't need look far to find someone who's an expert in the field and who's only too happy to share their knowledge, says Fredrik.

Fredrik made the unusual decision to quit upper secondary school and self-study, and is taking his third and final year as an external candidate. Beside winning awards in the Chemistry Olympiad for upper secondary schools and in a national mathematics competition, Fredrik is one of Norway's best table tennis players.

His expectations were high before he got his job with us.

- I'm positively surprised. The people here are amazing. They're friendly and are more than happy to share their knowledge with others. I like the amount of knowledge sharing that goes on between employees at EVRY, he says.

Personal development

Another factor that was important for Fredrik when choosing his future employer was our commitment to continual learning.

- EVRY helps you find your personal goals. Then they help you find ways to achieve those goals through courses, certifications and the right projects. It's great that I get a lot of time time to learn new things and develop through courses and certifications. On top of all that, they even have a table tennis table here, Fredrik adds, smiling.

Looking forward to creating results

Lars Johansen is currently studying international business at the Hult International Business School in London. He's looking forward to starting his new job with us in August.

- I wanted to start my career at EVRY after getting to learn about their culture, employees and an exciting combination of tasks and opportunities. The combination of technology and strategy in EVRY is something I really look forward to.

Lars had several other opportunities to choose from, and we're happy that he finally chose us.

- I'm hoping to have opportunities to create results together with talented colleagues, be challenged and become part of an energetic and pleasant environment.

Being best in the industry carries obligation

Anna is our Head of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management, and is humbled and pleased about the good results.

Anna Gulliksen, Head of Talent Acquisition and Talent Management (left), is extremely pleased with the results of the survey. She is pictured here with Jeanette Rønne, who works on developing our game-based recruitment tools.

- This is incredibly pleasing, but it carries obligations, too. To win acknowledgement that everything we've been working towards for many years is worthwhile is great. But we mustn't rest on our laurels; we have to work hard to stay at the top, says Anna.

Unbiased recruitment

Anna explains that the recruitment team works continually to keep us among the most attractive employers in the market.

Lately they began using a new type of recruitment process which she believes is part of the reason that we did so well.

- We're good at targeting universities and university colleges, but we're constantly trying to find new concepts and ways of working. In the actual recruitment process we've specialised in what we called unbiased recruitment: gamification. By using a game-based recruitment tool, we ensure that traits and qualities are mapped completely independent of what you look like or what background you have. We see that this method wakes curiosity and makes more people see as the innovation company we are.

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- It's great that I get a lot of time to learn new things and develop
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- It's great that I get a lot of time to learn new things and develop
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