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Automated and efficient processing of building applications

Automated and efficient processing of building applications

Most straightforward building application processes can be fully automated. Even complex development projects can be fully or partly automated. Either way, the gains for society are huge.

According to a study conducted by Devoteam for the Norwegian Building Authority, savings of NOK 1.5 billion for the municipal sector and over NOK 1 billion for the construction industry could be achieved over a 15-year period if our building applications were digitalised.

Digital processing of building applications offers huge potential gains.

Digital processing of building applications would also ensure that all applications are processed on the same terms, in compliance with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities' guidelines, which state that all applications to the public sector must be treated equally.

Automated processing of building application would make this a matter of course. And last but not least, automated services free up resources. When routine procedures are automated, executive officers can devote more attention to complex cases, quality issues, and follow-up tasks. This is good news for the economy and for the working environment.

Because Elements eByggesak is so easy to use, these gains can be achieved rapidly. The best aspect of the solution is that it is available to absolutely all municipalities in Norway. Everyone using a Noark 5 system can be integrated with eByggesak from EVRY.

Elements eByggesak

Elements eByggesak is a stand-alone records management system with integration based on the GeoIntegration Standard. The workspace in Elements eByggesak is easy to understand, intuitive and context-dependent, meaning that it is tailored to the needs implicit in the different process categories and steps in the processes. The solution simplifies interaction between citizens, business and industry, and executive officers in the municipalities. All necessary information is found in the same user interface to provide a good overview. This frees up more time for quality, monitoring and inspection tasks. The solution will support integration with the digital building application process eByggesøknad.

  • All information available in one single user interface

  • Integrated with other systems, data sources and registers

  • Digital and automated control of application information

  • Automation of many processes

  • Ensures consistent and standardised case processing

  • Reduces case processing time

  • Frees up time and resources

  • Integrated with an access solution

  • An integrated part of the Elements records management system
  • Independent of records management system through integration based on the GeoIntegration Standard
  • Platform-independent, and can be used on different platforms and with all leading web browsers on Windows, OSX, iOS and Androi

The solution is responsive, allows users to choose their preferred tools, and allows mobility in that Elements eByggesak can be used on smartphones, tablets and PC.

Elements eByggesak has been developed in accordance with the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities' product specification for a business system for processing digital building applications. This product specification is under development, and presupposes use of national components and integrations which have not yet been developed and standardised. EVRY develops Elements eByggesak in accordance with the specification, and changes in the standard will be implemented as these are gradually issued by the Norwegian Association of Local and Regional Authorities.

Elements eByggesak is a citizen-centric service based on standard and reusable features which give all municipalities access to economies of scale. The solution will be linked to a digital building application process and will be relatively easy to roll out in all municipalities.

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