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Creating digital advantage in document management

Creating digital advantage in document management

How do you interact with your customers? Have you gone all in on digital channels or have you decided to stay put with analogue communication and still send postal mailings to reach out to them? Guess what, it doesn’t have to be black or white, either or. Now you can let it all depend on your customers choice by adapting to their preferred channel of communication.

Pick and mix in multiple channels

Let us introduce Multichannel. A document management platform that breathes innovation and transforms interaction in the B2B and B2C environment. A service designed by us for organizations who like the mix of multiple communication channels and modernized distribution of information and documents in volume. And maybe the best of all, allowing your customers to choose how they want to interact with your business. You give them the ability to pick and mix among a variety of electronic and digital channels as well as traditional postal send outs. Now that’s what we call customer experience, letting them interact with you just the way they want it.

Developing after your standards

We are in a new era when it comes to distributing information and we make sure that you can take advantage of that, easily. Our team of developers prepare access to channels that meets your standards as well as your distribution needs. There really is no limit regarding the type of document to be distributed. Working together, we set up services for distribution of digital or analogue invoices, handle digital payments or collect customer data to build loyalty clubs. And that’s not all. Our multichannel offers functionality for advanced document production, segmentation, integration of APIs, and storing copies of documents distributed in an invoice hotel and document archive. Our distribution agreement with third party vendors allows us to integrate smart functions developed by our innovation partners. We make sure to integrate it so that you get the best use of it.

Get ready for the future

The world is changing fast due to digitalization. It comes with so many possibilities but also constant changes in behavior where handling and distributing information is one. Today, everyone expects to be able to choose where and how they want to receive their information. It may be a lot different than it was yesterday and who knows which channels you may need to apply tomorrow. By constantly developing our platforms we make sure to bring in the latest technology and make it available for you to use. Our promise is to ensure that you are ready for future communication trends when they come.

Adding value with market leading technology & standards

  • E-Invoice to internet banking in all nordic countries
  • Vipps and Swish invoice,
  • Digipost
  • e-Boks
  • Kivra
  • EDI
  • SMS
  • e-mail
  • postal mail

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