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Build, deploy and manage enterprise apps successfully

Build, deploy and manage enterprise apps successfully

You’ve been in business for long. You’ve experienced the digital transformation that has changed the world for the better in the past decades. You know that a key factor and an important ingredient in your digital landscape are based on applications. You want your applications to drive innovation, then you need to deploy application management processes into your organization. This you know already. But did you know how we can support you?

Enhancing applications in a life cycle perspective

By letting us manage and enhance your applications in a life cycle perspective we ensure that it supports your business as intended and delivers value to your organization. How can we be so sure? Because successful Application Management comes with so much. It ensures stabile operations, responsive support and incident handling. But one thing we know for sure, managing applications needs continuity on resources. That’s why we establish a core team for the service of your applications to ensure that competence and capacity from your core team is at your disposal when you need it. We set you up with a core team, scaled in accordance with your needs during the year, making sure to handle individual applications and application portfolios with the same predictability in service delivery.

Applications need support on daily basis

If your business can’t sleep, neither can your applications. That’s why we on daily basis deliver support, handle incidents and functional enhancements. By keeping your application up to date with new versions and tools when needed we make sure that they are fit for purpose and aligned with your business, every day. We will simply become your preferred advisor on the functional development of your applications by giving you:

  • Access to a Case Management system adapted to your needs as a basis for the formal collaboration between us.
  • Delivering oversight, control and predictability on all the work that is being done.
  • A contact person responsible for your applications who will manage capacity and competence within EVRY and bring on board specific expertise when needed.

Managing applications after your needs

Today Application Management is not a “one fits all”. It needs to be adapted to how you are organized, your current sourcing model and of course your line of business. Besides from offering support advisory services we handle it all. Case management, test development environments, on call or monitoring services. With cloud transformation we bring your apps to the cloud and can easily assure upgrade of versions and patches and other functional enhancements. Our offshore capacity (through EVRY India and EVRY Ukraine) allows us to deliver scalable projects when you may benefit from this or when more capacity is needed for specific tasks for limited periods.

We already deliver customized Application Management to many public organizations and private companies throughout the Nordics. Maybe it’s time for us to deliver our services to you.

Let's bring innovation to your applications