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We create change through development

We create change through development

Helena Jansson has broad and solid experience in retail and is passionate about the industry. As a business consultant in Retail & Logistics, she focuses on creating more value for her customers and for her customers' customers and and help support development and sustainable success.

We must ask ourselves the question: who is our target group?

"The retail industry needs to develop and to focus more on people, both customers and employees. Development will not happen simply by concentrating on technology advances or business models. All components are equally important. Always start with the most important one, namely people!"

Clear vision

With her broad background from managerial roles in large companies like ÖoB, ICA, and IKEA, Helena has a clear vision.

"I think different forms of collaboration will be decisive in future. I envisage us working more across disciplines internally and using external parties when we need specialist expertise. Applying data and facts in different contexts and in different ways to meet customer needs and make sound decisions," says Helena.

Engagement and drive

Helena's last job before joining EVRY was in Åhléns, where she was involved in developing and launching the new store concept Åhléns Outlet. She never loses her engagement and drive for reaching new goals.

First and foremost I want to tone things down, simplify and make a positive difference inside Retail. It's time to shift the focus to the experience by unifying physical and digital commerce. We create change through development.

Helena adds: "We must dare to turn familiar concepts and ways of working on their head and create something new."

Technology as a tool

There are a lot of specific measures to be done, according to Helena.

"The secret lies in the skills. That's how we create something unique in the market. For example, staff working in physical stores today will have a more prominent role. In other words, we need to create the tools and conditions to enable staff to enhance the customer experience.

I'm convinced that technology will be a tool for streamlining and freeing up time to do other tasks. It's a matter of understanding what you and your organisation need in order to succeed," says Helena.

Exciting! I want to know more how we can collaborate.