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When Angelica and Paal solve problems for their customers, they also contribute to a more sustainable future

When Angelica and Paal solve problems for their customers, they also contribute to a more sustainable future

Simply sorting waste is not enough in the long run; employers must also play their part.

The environment is a topic which increasingly seems to be dominating the public debate in many parts of the world.

School children all around Europe are downing their pens and books and going on strike in protest. One of those challenging politicians' ignorance about climate and environmental issues is 16-year-old Greta Thunberg from Sweden, who has been on strike for more than half a year now and has attracted wide attention in the media. Now more people are choosing to follow in her footsteps.

- Greta is a very good role model, not only for young people but for older generations, too. She is highly motivated and shows that companies must be open to new ways of thinking. The climate can't wait. Companies and their employees have an important part to play. They can't just ignore it, says Angelica Hornesjø, senior system consultant, and a big fan of Greta.

This week she was in Brussels with her colleague Paal Hatledal, chief cloud advisor, to accept an award from the Carbon Disclosure Project on behalf of EVRY, the only tech company in the Nordic region to have received the top award for its climate measures for the third year in a row.

AngelicaAngelica Hornesjø is a keen supporter of Greta as an environmental activist. Here she is in Brussels to accept an award on behalf of EVRY for its climate measures.

Both Angelica and Paal think that companies must start producing more sustainably. This involves finding more efficient methods to use resources and materials, which is where digitalization comes in.

- Companies and their employees must make sound business decisions that are based on data and insights on what gives growth and profitability in both the short and long term. Our technology expertise and knowledge about different industries, markets and domains form an excellent basis for helping our customers and partners to increase growth, profitability, and competitiveness by making more environmentally friendly choices, says Paal.

Customers want more sustainable solutions

Customers themselves are starting to place new demands on the market.

- Continued profitability requires an awareness of climate change and a will to adopt new technology. Technologies such as blockchain, AI and machine learning can help us move forward, says Paal.

- These technologies facilitate a circular economy that focuses on sustainability, and the concept is inspired by nature's cycle. Everything must be recycled! Digitalization is the main driving force behind the success of the circular economy. Employees also represent a vital driving force for a more sustainable world when it comes to setting more environmentally friendly priorities, says Paal.

Angelica & PaalPaal Hatledal and Angelica Hornesjø like the fact that they contribute to more sustainable solutions through their work.

Technology offers good tools for working in more environmentally friendly ways, according to Angelica. Her department works on alternative ways of issuing letters and paper invoices to customers and thereby reduce paper consumption. The distribution method has now been updated with digital modes of delivery such as Digipost, E-faktura, Vipps, Swish, and Eboks.

- It's about helping our customers with digitalization, but also about keeping them up to speed on any new techniques that emerge. In that sense we as a company are taking responsibility for reducing paper waste, says Angelica.

How you can contribute at your workplace

Paal and Angelica are also well informed on environmental issues outside their workplace. Angelica lives in a BREEAM-certified apartment. This means it is an environmentally adapted apartment certified under the BREEAM sustainability assessment methods used to certify new buildings, the environmental performance of buildings, and much more.

- For example, I pay for my own water and separate my waste at the source. I also buy a lot of what I need on websites like and eat less meat. That's why it's great to see that I can make an impact on the environment and do my bit for the climate at work, too, says Angelica.

Five simple ways you can act more sustainably at work:

  • Bring your own coffee cup instead of using paper ones
  • Use public transport instead of driving to work
  • Sort waste at the source! If there is no source separation system, ask for one to be implemented
  • Eat more vegetarian food and only prepare as much as you can eat
  • Don't use more paper than necessary – most tasks can be done digitally

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When Angelica and Paal solve problems for their customers, they also contribute to a more sustainable future
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When Angelica and Paal solve problems for their customers, they also contribute to a more sustainable future
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