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Artificial intelligence to the people!

Artificial intelligence to the people!

Artificial intelligence – or AI – has given us everything from translation programmes on the internet to ways of stopping attempted fraudulent transactions.

Technology can help solve environmental challenges, reduce monotonous tasks, and create jobs.

But for it to be useful, it has to be used in the right way. Just this week, published an article on the data privacy challenges associated with health apps.

So what is the 'right' way to use AI?

Sweden gains a new AI centre

Unlike Sweden and Denmark, Norway still lacks a national strategy for AI. We will soon be getting one from the new Minister of Digitalisation, Nikolai Astrup, according to the business daily Dagens Næringsliv.

New knowledge about how we should use data to create new services will benefit not only companies and business leaders, but everyone in their everyday life.

'We often say that we're shifting from selling services to selling value,' says Robin Blomquist, VP Development and Strategy in EVRY.

On Wednesday he took part in the opening ceremony for Sweden's new national AI research centre, AI Innovation of Sweden, based in the Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg.

The ambition is to develop more knowledge and innovation in AI through collaboration and sharing of knowledge and data.

'We want to be part of that journey by building a vast resource for Swedish industry and society through innovation in AI. We're delighted to be a partner of the centre. The partnership means we will gain first-hand insights into technology trends and at the same time learn how leading organisations apply artificial intelligence,' says Robin.

One step closer to the future

Anders Ygeman, Sweden's Minister for Energy and Digital Development, also attended, and underlined the importance of the centre.

'With help from the possibilities digitalisation provides us with, we should be among the world's best. AI Innovation of Sweden is an important part of making that a reality,' says Anders Ygeman.

image0cr0b.pngThe Swedish authorities hope that the research conducted at the AI Innovation to Sweden will help bring us one step closer to the future. As a partner, we will have access to the new insights generated by the centre. Photo: EVRY

Vinnova, Sweden's innovation authority, hopes that more research in this field will create a global focus and more expertise which in turn can bring us one step closer to the future.

Vinnova alo hopes to strengthen the long-term competitiveness and develop new solutions to address critical needs in society, and believes that this is something the new AI centre will contribute to.

Big market

According to our calculations, the Nordic market for cognitive solutions will grow by around 50 per cent over the next three years.

We estimate that in 2020 this market will achieve sales worth just over 40 billion SEK.

That's why we're interested in aquireing AI expertise in all parts of the company, and why we're working on solutions in a number of areas, including banking and finance, industry, and state and local authorities.

'With new insight into how data can be applied, we can create new services that benefit both the private and the public sectors, but above all, people's everyday life,' says Robin.