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How to create actual business value with AI

How to create actual business value with AI

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence (AI). As organizations are experiencing the dreaded fear of missing out, AI appears to be increasing in urgency. Everyone seems to want AI. Yet most don’t really know why, and certainly not how.

In this non-technical webinar, our AI specialist Jacob presents a framework for creating business value with AI. The framework explains how AI can be used to improve any given business process using either automation or augmentation, through one of four different AI strategies.

The presentation is a perfect fit for anyone interested in creating value with AI. You will get key insights into value creation:

  • How to apply the framework to your business processes.
  • What automation and augmentation are, and which business processes should be applied to each method.
  • How other companies have applied automation and augmentation, and the four different AI strategies.

Even though the webinar will be focused on creating business value it can also be of interest to you working in the Public sector since the theoretical ground is pretty much the same.

The webinar is in English.

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