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Building an application platform for speed

Building an application platform for speed

No one can afford to spend unnecessary idle time waiting for the release of new functionality for the software systems they develop. Unfortunately the introduction of agile development methodology has increased the development cycle but has not really solved the how to get software all the way out in the hands of the customer.

DevOps is the missing link between the developers and the operators enabling software teams to ship the software they develop continuously and also operate it instead of passing it along to the next team in the assembly line.

With the introduction of cloud computing as well as container based software development and delivery it has now been possible to implement DevOps across even the largest organisations by establishing a self service application platform that is built for enabling cross functional product teams to build, deliver and operate their applications.

In this webinar DevOps Practice Lead Hans Kristian Flaatten presents how EVRY builds and operates such container based DevOps platforms and the gains that our customers get from them.

The webinar is in English.

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