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100 Examples of Real AI Implementations

100 Examples of Real AI Implementations

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often made very abstract. You may have heard promises of the countless possibilities that AI has to offer, the bountiful rewards that you may reap from employing it, and the powerful tools that lay behind it. And yet it may still feel like a magical term that’s hard to comprehend. What can AI actually do?

In this non-technical webinar, our AI specialist Jacob will present 100 real examples of AI implementations. These are not theories or possibilities, but actual implementations that were made by companies and governments small and large. Learn of all kinds of implementations, such as:

  •’s fully automated retail stores
  • Caliburger’s hamburger-flipping AI
  • Alibaba’s city brain AI, which empowers entire cities
  • McCormick’s AI which creates new food products
  • Mackmyra’s AI-powered whisky

The webinar will be in English.

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