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How will blockchain affect the automotive industry?

How will blockchain affect the automotive industry?

The blockchain technology opens up for so many new opportunities in various industries and services, potentially changing them. But as with all innovations, companies and organisations need to adapt and adjust in order to fully embrace the technology.

How, can Blockchain technology impact the Automotive Sector?

One thing is for sure, the very existence of the car is being questioned. We can all agree that the automotive industry has changed over the past decades to an extent that it will never be what it once was.

In order to remain competitive in our ever changing world, change will be required. New business models need to be implemented, processes need to be reviewed and new skills may need to be aquired. With blockchain technology, many have succeeded in controlling and adapting operations to new requirements of their market. We've helped other businesses in your industry, now we're ready to help you!

Listen to industry experts in a 30 minutes Blockchain webinar

Want to expand your view on how the Blockchain-based identity revolutionizes interaction between humans and technology as well as between different devices? Great, then you should join us on November 8 th between 8:30 and 09:00!

You will get an overview of the automotive industry changes and how you can adapt. Our Blockchain Team expert Jan Keil will provide you with relevant Business Cases based on Blockchain technology. You will learn about new opportunities for business growth coming from Blockchain-based solutions. This webinar opens up for the new perspectives for the automotive industry as well as for you who is in business with the industry. We'll give you fresh problem-solving techniques, and benefits resulting in profitable wins.

This webinar is a recording from november 8th that you can watch it any time on demand!






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